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Almost 2 weeks old

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Here is a few pictures,the last one is my tiniest girl.

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Look at that! I came in here innocently enough, and you knocked my eyes out with cuteness!
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Soooooooooooo cute
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Oooohhhh! They are such tender-sweet little bundles - three red n white, three black n white and one lil tiny tortie!
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squeeee, so cute!
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So adorable!!!!
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Awwww! I love the little tortie!!! They're sooo cute!!!
Congrats to everything going alright for her as a mom?
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She is an outstanding mom.
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Aww! So cute!
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OMG, those are some super duper cute kittens!!! I miss having babies around. I keep whispering to my male devon to get with Bonnie, but he would rather sleep with my siamese male LOL

I wish I could hold your babies, but then I would never leave your house, and you don't want that LOL
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Awww I'll take the first little Red Tabby/White and the first Black/White one
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What little cuties
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The kittens are adorable. Have you named any of them?
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The 3 girls are Blossom,Daisy and Rose and so far 2 boys are Thistle and Thorn,I still need 2 more boys names going with my Flower theme.
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The kittens are all so cute!
I like the names you chose for them.
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omg they are GORGEOUS!!! how cuuuuute!
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Awww! I love the name choice..hmmm, I can't think of any more now though...I'll think
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I was laying in bed last night and thoughts just kept coming into my head randomly and I came up with Perry for Perennial, Phil for Chlorophyl....maybe not close enough??
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Oh boy - this is DEFINITELY missing a cuteness warning! toooooooo cute for the faint of heart!
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awwwww they are gorgeous
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Now that they are older the only boys are the Orange ones the rest are girls So we have Thorn(pure Orange),Thistle(Orange with white back stripe)(need 1 more boy name) and girls are Blossom(small tortie),Daisy(black spot under chin),Rose(white stripe on back),and last but not least Lily(the last Black and White girl).
Need 1 more Orange and white boy name..... Help....
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I kind of like Sage actually....
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Hmmm...Sage is a cute name!
Some others(I know some sound girlyish, and some arn't really flowers, but...)
You could also go with spices too...
Sorry, I couldn't think of anymore...
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