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Kirkland Pet Foods?

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I got a membership to Costco and I noticed they sell dog and cat food. I read some reviews and heard that the food is not all that bad for the price.

What are your opinions on it?? What would you compare it to? For example... closer to Ol'Roy (walmart brand dog food) or Purina or Orijen??
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Kirkland IMHO is close to Nutro Max and Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul... Excellent for the $$$ as it bets these by 5-15$ for a large bag
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When we had Costco membership, we fed our Lab the Kirkland Chicken & Rice (she didn't like the Lamb & Rice) with good health results. The barn cats were fed the Kirkland Maintenance Cat food and they were in good health too.

I recommend it - its not the greatest, but its better then the cheaper ones you may find. Can't beat the price if you have a lot of cats to feed.
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I have the chicken and rice one here, they only sell one type but maybe that is all they bring into this country, anyways, it does ok here.. their main choice is the chicken soup but they do nibble at the kirkland and the price is very reasonable priced much better than nutro at least here.
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Thank you!!

I think I am going to try it. My fiance's hours were cut at work and he may even get laid off. I am hopeing that doesn't happen since he is our only source of income since I stay at home with our three children. I couldn't make enough to cover the cost of a babysitter.

I feed our cats Orijen right now but unfortunately I need to find a less expensive food. So we'll see how this works.

Thanks again
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My parents were feeding their two barn cats the kirkland food. They were alright with it at first, but when my parents bought a new bag of it, they wouldn't touch it. I'm not sure if the batch was off or something...anyhow, they got them a different food and they're eating that.

But from what I first saw, they loved it, and the ingredient list didn't look too bad, and the price is right, I'd rather feed that then say special kitty or some other low brand!

I hope they like it, good luck!
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