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Protein and CRF???

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(First, I want to apologize for asking so many questions but not really answering any on this forum...sorry for asking for help without giving any back)

I found an article on preventing CRF, and the bold part bothered me:

While the possible causes of feline kidney disease are numerous, the steps you can take to minimize your cat's chances of developing feline kidney disease are few and quite simple. Because of genetic and disease-related causes, there is no sure way to prevent kidney disease. But by watching their diet (low protein, high carbohydrate and fat), making sure that they get plenty of fresh water, keeping them away from toxic chemicals, monitoring their behavior for any changes, and making sure they have annual visits to the veterinarian, you can greatly increase your cat's chances of not contracting feline kidney disease.
The rest of the article is here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/art...nt.html?cat=53

Everything I've read about feline health claims that high protein, low carbohydrate is best. Is it possible that a high protein diet could increase a cat's risk of kidney failure???
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THIS is JUST IMHO and what I personally have seen ( yes there are articles that back me up but )

I think a HIGH protein dry fed ONLY does increase the likelihood of kidney issues later on .... but IMHO feeding all dry in general does this ..

I feed a CRF ( ie renal failure cat) a RAW with canned diet ... ave protein of this HIGH moisture diet was 50- 55% carbs were under 5% fat made up the rest IE HIGH fat ... the cat actually IMPROVED over the traditional low protein HIGH carb kidney diet ...

an old vet ( who does shot clinics and micro chipping only now and when he told me this )told me 90% of cats by age 15 have some form of CRF( he said in his practice 10% of 7 yr old cats had some form) ... His reasoning was simple , that 15 yr old cat is 75-90 in human yrs .... Made perfect sense to me , humans have HIGH organ rate failure with age ...

Low protein in a cat food goes against logic but realize most vets are going off what a maker of RX diets told them in vet school
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