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Sponsoring shelter cats?

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I'm curious if anyone has ever sponsored a kitty/doggie at a shelter, or volunteered somewhere that they had animals sponsored by people?

We are toying with the idea here (OK I am toying with the idea). But it'll make more to keep track of for us.

One group somewhat near me has a simple sponsorship form - it asks name/address/etc - what type of pet you want to sponsor (adult dog/adult cat/puppy/kitten). The minimum sponsorship donation is $25.

I thought about posting somewhere what it costs us for a cat spay/cat neuter/dog spay/dog neuter - to see if someone would sponsor an animal for the amount it would cost so we could get them fixed.

It costs us $30-35 for baseline medical care to intake a cat. I think for dogs it's only $25.

I'm thinking of $25 being the minimum donation - we have the form on our website (which will likely be a problem - as we don't know how to do that) - we have people print/mail in the form with the donation - send them a pic & a write-up of the pet - and send them a letter when they get adopted.

Are there any other things you can think of to add? I've never sponsored a pet - and only saw the example of how that one group does sponsorships - if anyone has any links to other groups sponsorships - it would be great to see other ideas!
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I've seen groups on petfinder offer that option, and I have seen groups solicit when a huge expense is undertaken - cat or dog needs major surgery, etc. But I don't personally know of any group that has done that.
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I know of 2 groups in the TC that are reputable rescues that do animal sponsorship. Maybe you can contact them and they can help set you on the right track?
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I pay for the neutering of one cat per month. They let me pick one out (although I'm always open to suggestions). The good news is that after I've paid for the neuter, they are very reluctant to put the cats to sleep! So I figure I'm saving one life per month. The vet only charges $25 for a male neuter. So for $300 per year, I'm doing a good deed. Even if the cats don't think so!

So far, all of the cats I've paid to have neutered have been adopted. And some of them were hard cases, like the two very mature toms, Mako and Goliath. Both have been adopted.

Our vet keeps one cat from the shelter available for adoption, and I have seen cases where someone has paid all the fees for the cat to be adopted, as soon as someone says they're interested (they don't usually put on the sign that someone has done that, because they don't want someone to just come in for a free cat).
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We pay about $50 for a cat spay or neuter (not sure the exact amounts). About $75 for a dog spay, something like $50 for a dog neuter.
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Here's a link to one of the groups that I've worked with that offers sponsorship. This is one that takes in FeLV and FIV+ cats.

I don't officially sponsor Teddy, the FIV+ boy that went to the sanctuary in Tenn., but I do send a donation toward his care every few months (or whenever I can afford it).
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The no kill shelter in my area has a sponsorship program..
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We have a cage sponsorship program where businesses can sponsor a cage for a year - we send them a photo of a cat in the cage in a cheap frame and put their logo on the cage (a metal sign about 2 inches tall and 6 wide) and have asked for donations for major surgeries before but not for cats as an ongoing thing
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I'm thinking of $25 being the minimum donation - we have the form on our website (which will likely be a problem - as we don't know how to do that) - we have people print/mail in the form with the donation - send them a pic & a write-up of the pet - and send them a letter when they get adopted.
I do our shelter's website so email or PM me if you need help
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My shelter has a very simple sponsorship program. We charge $20 per month (flat fee) to sponsor the animal of their choice. We then put a sign on the animal's cage that says "I have a Pal" and has the name of the family or individual doing the sponsoring. That's basically it.

For major expenses we do large fundraisers. It is very simple and easy to keep track of. I am not sure how the financial end is handled, I'm not that involved in that aspect.

Hope that helps!
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Cotton was a sponsorship kitty before we adopted him.

The group here does it for those cats that are considered very special needs and who will likely be with the rescue group for a long time, or life. They use the term sponsorship loosly, and you can do a lump sum or monthly installments - just a way to direct the money to cats who need on-going care.

We're in Canada, but here's the group link
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I would opt for a more flexible sponsorship program, with monthly donations of 10, 15, 20 and 30 Dollars- not quite sure how hard the recession has hit your area but for some people 15 Dollars will be affordable where 25 simply won't. People should also be able to co- adopt a cat

You should also offer once off donations such as a basket full of cat food/dog food, a dog leash, 1 x christmas parcel for one cat and similar items within a price range. Take a nice picture of these items with one of your animals in it.

Generally speaking I think nice pictures are important- people like to see what the money is being used for.

I'd also write a short monthly (or quarterly) newsletter to all donors with an update on what's been going on at your shelter that can be sent out per e-mail. You could for example write about cats like Mako and Goliath, people feel more connected to the shelter they're sponsoring this way and may stay a sponsor for longer.

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The local shelter here has a list by the front desk with the prices they suggest to sponsor a spay/neuter. I think they suggest $50 for a cat neuter and $75 for a cat spay. Now, if that's what they pay, they aren't getting much of a discount (my vet charges $65 for a neuter and $90 for a spay), but maybe they ask for extra to cover testing and shots and stuff.

I agree with some of the other suggestions---I think you should have several options with regard to the amount ($10, $15, $20 and higher), and that the donor should receive a picture of the cat they're sponsoring.
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Our vet tests for the big diseases before neutering, and I think gives at least the first rabies shot.
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All of ours get FVRCP plus Rabies (if old enough) before spay/neuter
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