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My Puddie Kats

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I just realized that in 100 posts I've never posted pics of my puddies! So here is my Fuzbum crew...

Arlokk is the oldest and is my handsome man. He is addicted to catnip and you can see he is real dusty here because he just had a roll around in the nip session.

Aura is unimpressed. She is always unimpressed. If she were any more unimpressed she would be sleeping.

Scratchez is the Fabio of cats. He is gorgeous and he knows it. I need to get a pic of his magnificent tail.

Jack is my lover boy. He loves everyone and everything. He really loves Aura... but from the pic above you can tell she is unimpressed. His eyes are also the darkest copper I've ever seen in a cat. They almost look brown.

Max is my special boy. I love him to pieces. I also have no good pictures of him looking at the camera because he refuses to look at the camera. Max also has dark copper eyes but again he won't look at the camera

Bear is our ham. He sees imaginary things, hears imaginary stuff and meows loudly at whatever it is he thinks he sees and hears. He is also scared of his tail. He also has these funny loud outbursts of meowing. We think he has Tourette's Syndrom
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Great pics

I love your kitties, and all the descriptions seem to fit the pic perfectly

Thx for sharing.
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Great cats, great piccies!!! I like your description of Aura... and poor Jack's unrequited love for her! Awwww!!!!
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Aww! What a cute bunch
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AWwwwwwwww You have a beautiful fur family
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Your kitties are all so gorgeous! Hopefully Max will let you sneak a picture some day soon so that you can show him off some more.
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Haha, sounds like they have a lot of personality! They're all cuties! I like the description of Aura, made me laugh
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You have some gorgeous kitties! Bear and his description cracked me up What a character!!
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Aww, beautiful kitties!
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Lovely cats. I laughed at Aura. "She is unimpressed." I also laughed at Max making a special point of ignoring the camera.

My faves, of course, are Arlokk and Bear. I have a thing for black cats. What does Arlokk mean?
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Aww they are such cuties!! Aura looks a bit like my Jake
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Thanks for the replies

Arlokk's name comes from the MMORPG World of Warcraft an online game me and my SO play. For those familiar with these types of games you gather online friends from around the world to battle monsters in the game. When Lokk adopted us we were spending a lot of time battling one monster in particular that was a black panther. The monsters name was Arlokk so my wonderful SO decided that should be Lokk's name. As you can tell we call him Lokk for short (pronounced Lock)

And yup they are all real characters. There are so many cats that just sorta live their lives in silent contemplation. Not mine. I have a three ring circus
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Your cats are beautiful! I love the descriptions of them, DH and I were laughing at them together for about 10 minutes. He wanted me to tell you that he recognized Arlokk, but I had to look it up because I didn't play WoW pre-BC. Lovely cats, thanks for sharing!!!
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