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my babies big and pregant and i dont know what to do

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my baby was brought to be as a stray my brother brought it to me when some kids were going to shoot it. I dont know what kind of cat she is but she is all white with a black heart shaped mark on her head. I love her so much but sadly she is about 8 months old and she got out the first time she was in heat and got pregant. NOw she is big and fat. Anna(thats my cats name) is a little bitty cat and now she has a big huge stomach. I dont know what to do to help her when she has the kittins and i am afraid that something will happen to her in the delivery. I want to be there when she has them just in case something happens. If anyone can give me advice that would be great.
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Welcome to the site! It's great that your brother saved her from those kids.

I will move this to the Health & Nutrition forum where our experts can help you with your questions.
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Most of the time mom cats are fine when they get pregnant. I always advise someone to take the cat to the vet to be checked out (especially a young cat) and ask your vet for advice. When the cat begins to deliver have your vet's phone number handy just in case.
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This site should be very helpful. I wish you the best, and hope you will keep us updated!
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I hope she has a nice easy delvery!
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Both were very tiny and although full grown, they looked like kittens still. To give you an idea, they can fit through lattice under our deck no problem. Both cats were runts from a litter of 8. I was worried sick when they had gotten pregnant...their bellies were almost as big as them. Then one night it was about to storm and one of my cats (tortoise) was outside meowing like crazy...I saw some of my toms sniffing something on the deck, and her water had broke...I freaked but stayed calm enough to put my plans from before into action. I took an old good size cardboard box and made air holes all over and covered it in plactic garbagebags(except the holes) because of the rain. unfortunately for her, she had to be put in the box to have hers because the toms were mating with her. (yours is inside so this doesnt apply to you)She had them in the box that night and 4 hours later I had 5 kittens. Her sister had hers(4 kittens)under my uncle's truck.Both cats had no complications and after about 5 weeks are still doing OK. The sad thing is Tortoise lost one kitten when it was about 2 weeks old. I went outside one morning and it was dead. What to expect: She will do most of this on her own. Tortoise had to poop(ick) and after that she started to have them one-by-one. After she cleans and it eats...she had another. That was about it after 4 hours she was done. I had food and water and since she ate I knew she wasnt feeling too bad. The first week she never left her box even after I moved it to my bathroom and put a hole in it. After that she was back to normal kitty behavior. Oh and she was and still is more friendly now than before. As for the kitten that died....I figured at the time it was because she didnt have much milk. Just in case, it's good to make sure she has plenty of food and water and occasionally give her canned food. Well GOOD LUCK and I hope this helps. Both of my kitties are OK and I'm sure your's will be too. Just make sure you have a vet number just incase. Remember we all all her for you also.*hugs*
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i want to thank everyone that has given me help in what to do. so far anna has had her kittens but i feel it will happen soon. My male cat (not the daddy though) hasn't showed any more intrested in her seens the day we got her and i am glad. I am not as nerves as i was before but my family and i have decided that because we feel that she will have the kittens soon where aren't going to leave her around the other cats (i am owned by four cats three females and one male all but the two young little girls are fixed) until she has the kittens so the other cats what do anything to her or the kittens. The only one showing her more attion is the dog which was her seragent mother when we got her due to the fact she wasn't weened yet but i think thats due to the fact that Eve ( my dogs name) knows somethings going on. I will post when she has the kittens.
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Hi and welcome!

Hope all is well. i was wondering if you would consider spaying Anna in future?

Smiles and Cheers!
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yes i am going to spay her shortly after she has the kittens along with the other kitten thats also about 8 months. I have always planed on getting them spayed. she just got preganted before i had a chance.
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any kittens yet?
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If she is inside, then she needs to be somewhere that is dark and quiet. If you have a big cardboard box, pile it with soft bedding and empty out the floor of a closet and put the box there.

Before a momcat has kittens she will get really restless and start pacing and mewing. She will often also quit eating. You want to be sure she stays inside, for she is in danger if she goes outside.

When the kittens begin to arrive, she should immediately start to chew on the sac freeing them, and then gnaw off the cord. IF she doesn't- have a pair of small sterile scissors handy and tear the sac with your fingers and cut the cord with the scissors BUT DON'T PULL the kitten toward you while it is still attached to the cord. YOu may damage mom and the kits if you do.

After she is done, the family should be nursing and happy. They need to stay warm and contained, that is why the box is good.
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still no kittens yet but she has been sleeping alot and wont be in a room alone she sleeps by me or my mom. i have a feeling that she will have them anyday now. i cant wait.
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THEY ARE HERE. Anna started haveing her kittens sunday night and had the last kitten monday afternoon. She had a total of five kittens but i am sad to say two were died when they were born. The other three are gourges kittens. two are all white and the yougest one is white with black ears and black markings on its face. She is being a great mother. I will update you on the kittens as they grow. I am so happy.
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Oh how exciting. I have never seen kittens being born (only on tv). I'm sorry you lost two Did you help her with the delivering?? What a good momma!! Try to post some pictures if you can!
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no i didn't need to help her deliver. in fact she didn't want anyone in the room with her. What happen was we had left the house and locked her in the bathroom with a little basket food water and a litter box. When we got back we went to let her out and i relized that she was wet, so i call my mom i we relized her water had broke. She didn't want use there so we left the room and would check on her. She had them in the little basket on the blanket and took great care of them. When i went to check on her if she was up and walking around she would jump back in the basket with the kittens. The cutest thing was when i went to check on her and she was laying on her back sleep purring so loud and the kittens were crawling on her stomach nurssing. Those kittens are always eatting i cant stop smileing i am so happy. I will send pictures of them all as soon as i can.
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I am sorry that there were a few who did not make it, please know, that just happens sometimes and try not to dwell on it.

Good luck with the others!
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See I told you it wouldnt be hard or anything to worry about!Kittens are great!!! Good luck with them and enjoy the fun . Make sure u take plenty of photos...I regret not taking more of mine.
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No fair.. I want my kitty to have her babies NOW!! LOL Lucky you.. PLEASE post pictures! I would LOVE to see those gorgeous kitties!!
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My little one is one her way too I think! I live in London so the time's a bit different it's now 9.00am, she woke me at about 8.00 crying, I went out to her and she wanted me so I picked her up and realised my arm was a bit wet, not saturated but wet. She still has a little ways to go but she's panting a bit now and crying and very restless, following me all around the house!! So the time's nearing!!
Can't wait!!

Hope your other kittens are all doing really well! Enjoy it all, kittens are LOVE itself, if you could bottle :jarswim: what they make you feel...be very very rich!!

Very happy for you!! :

Hope my turn's coming very soon!!
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No fair I was here before the BOTH of you and your kitties are delivering before mine.. LOL Not fair at all! LOL But I did feel the babies moving inside princey and I heard this bubbly noises.. like bubbles were popping.. I hope they come soon!!! hmm oh well what are you going to do!

P.s. What did you guys do to make your kitties come so soon LOL!!
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Bubbly noises? Hey, I felt something like that in Misty's tummy this morning, not like a purr but like a bubbly vibration or something, I don't know, I'm just too nervous LOL!!!!!

P.s I'm sure your baby's little ones will come soon too...fingers crossed mine will too, otherwise by the sound of it both of us will be ending up in the nut house!!!LOL
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LOL!!!!!!! Hmm.. I am guessing the bubbly crinklely bubble noises are caused by the kittens moving? But Im just guessing... Im normally 99.9% wrong most of the time LOL
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i was a little sad that two didn't make it but i had been preparing myself that some if not all would die because she was so small. Good luck with all the other mom's to be. I wish they would stay little forever but i know they will grow up. I will send pic soon very soon.
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WOW, congrat's to you and your babies!!!! Just curious but what did you/she do with the ones the died? Did she "dispose" of them? How long have you been locking her up in the bathroom while you were gone? I'm trying to figure out when I need to do that to my Angel. I noticed yesterday when she "tried" to jump on the counter to eat she didn't make it but I was right there. She hasn't stopped eating yet....does that happen to all cats before they deliver? I do take her tomorrow to vet at 10:30 a.m. central time to be checked so I'm sure I will know more then.

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I feel like rachel from friends when all the women after her had their babies... LOL

Ok but yeah my girls having trouble jumping too.. ( the weight in her tummys pushing her down LOL)

I hope my kitties turn comes soon!

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i am sorry to let everyone know that one of the kittens died. We have beeen let them out of the bathroom and we didn't relize our male cat had gotten back in and he got a hold of one of the kittens and killed it. The other kittens are ok but Anna is looking for the one we lost. We are giveing her extra care and hopefully things will be better.
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Unfortunately male cats do that. It's their way of trying to get moms to go back into season. Also, he might have been trying to breed the kitten and killed it during his attempt.

Sorry you lost your baby.

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Oh wow, I'm so sorry. I hope you didn't "witness" this happening. I have a male cat also that mostly stayed outside but I have really been watching him when he does come in. He mainly comes in to eat. I haven't even seen him go near where the kittens are plus I don't think Angel would let him near them without us hearing something. If nobody is home Angel and kittens are closed up in my son's room.

I sure hope Momma cat gets over this soon.

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Yes it is their way of survival. The male will usually try and kill all the kittens, because the grief will throw mom into an unexpected heat. I would capture said male cat and take him to the vets to be neutered, and also keep him completely away from the remaining family.
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no i didn't witness this but my brother and sister did and they were very upset. The male cat Ottis is nerutered. so he is being watched very carefully now. Also a stray cat just had kittens in my moms van. Its an old van that no longer runs and somehow the back window got broke and she climbed in and had four gorguse kittens underneith the back sit so we car planing on bringing her in a keeping her in another room so those kittens dont get killed either.
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