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Did you know about this?

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I'd never heard of it. Pretty impressive. A 9/11 memorial donated by Russia to the U.S., in a park in New Jersey.

Teardrop Memorial
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I had no idea - it's beautiful... I just wonder why the media never reported...
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Wow! How beautiful! I got shivers down my spine when I saw it!

I don't remember hearing about that either. I too wonder why the media didn't report about that. It was truly a wonderful and compassionate gesture on the part of the Russian Government/People!
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Wow, that's news to me also! I can't imagine why this wasn't a major news item?? It's stunning and beautiful! What a great gesture!
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Beautiful, and a nice gesture! Bet the news didn't report it because it was "good and nice", not shock, horror and nastiness!
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Well I'll be darned, I live in NJ and didn't know about this monument. I don't live in Bayonne but I've been there and know exactly where it is. I missed it somehow.
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What a beautiful memorial. It's too bad it isn't better known.

I remember thinking the same thing when the Vietnam Memorial wall first went up (before the statue was done). I had heard about it on the news, but had a really hard time finding it. There were no signs pointing the way and of the people I asked, most gave me a blank look like "what's that?" The ones who had heard of it had no idea where it was located. When I did finally find it there were only two other people there. Obviously that has changed over the years.

Hopefully this new memorial will begin to receive the recognition it deserves.
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I saw this on a few days back. It is a very pretty piece! I wish more of the mdeia would have picked up!
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It was such news to me when I heard about it that I checked it out at, which had the article I linked to. Really strange. Must have been a lot of more important news at that time.
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News to me to, and I'm from NJ and live in Manhattan. I have to say that it is a beautiful monument!
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