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Bonnie has Chronic Rhinitis

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I went to the Vet yesterday for some problems I had with Bonnie ( http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ghlight=bonnie )

The vet pretty much said that she has Chronic Rhinitis and there is nothing I can do about it. She said this is a disease that bothers the owners more then the actual cat and as long as she is eating, playing, pooping, etc, she is perfectly fine. She also said that Bonnie was definatly severely malnourished as a kitten or her mother was while pregnant or both due to her smelly breath, horrible teeth and small size…. Poor babes.

It so weird having a sick cat and not being able to do anything about it. Anyone have any tips for helping her constant sneezing, wheezing and nose whistling?

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Does Bonnie sneeze out boogers as well?

I'm dealing with the same situation right now.... see this post for more info:

I've started the Lysine therepy, and I am also looking into GSE as well. (there's a link for it in the above post).

What tests has Bonnie had to confirm this? My vet has not done any tests yet, but mentioned Kizzy may be a chronic carrier...we're still in the "assessment phase". He was given a shot and we're waiting to see if it helps. But he can to me sick, and who knows how long he had been sick. He was wheezing with mild eye discharge...treated with antibiotic and got rid of it. For a couple weeks.

(good article)

Kizzy's only issue is sneezing. He sneezes alot. At least 10-15/day..... which is why I'm trying the lysine to see if it helps lessen his sneezes.

It may be an option for you to try

ETA: when Kizzy's nose whistles, it's because he has a booger and needs to sneeze it out. I take him in the bathroom when I have a shower so the steam helps loosen things up.

Your vet was right about one thing, it is more annoying to the owner..... but there are some options to improve his symptoms.
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Interesting...Poppy sneezes constantly too, no snot or anything though. He had a URI but took antibotics and it cleared up...no more yellow mucus. Now he just sneezes ALOT.

I'm going to read that article and look into the lysine too. Thanks for posting that Snake_Lady.

silvionc, I hope Bonnie can get some relief.

Sending healthy vibes to all of our sneezing kitties.
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Bonnie has not sneezed out green/yellow boogers in about 1.5 months. I’m guessing the infection she had just went away, or the needle the vet gave her (don’t know what the needle was) started working 1.5 months late (I had been to the Vet 3 months ago regarding her URI).

My Vet didn’t really do any tests on her other then listening to her breath. Apparently my Vet had a cat with this that lived with it for 15 years so she recognized it right away. She pretty much said that as long as Bonnie is playing, eating and pooping there is nothing to worry about and to call her immediately if she gets worse. The thing is she never gets worse, it’s always just the same.

I had my boys on Lysine when I first got them and they had horrible URI (My Capone almost died). I’m not sure if it did anything but I can say that they have not had a bad episode of URI since I started them on it. I haven’t used it in about a year though. I think that once you have URI it always comes back at some point, could be stress, change, weather, etc. My boys have been through a lot of change with a new dog, new cat, strays coming in, friend’s dogs, etc and Caponers has never gotten it back and Bugsy has a runny nose on rare occasion with a tiny bit of boogers for about a week. So it may work… I should try it on Bonnie for sure, thanks for the reminder!

Also, thanks for the vibes I think I need them more then her! She seems perfectly fine and in fact she seems better then ever mentally. After having her for 6 months as a roommate who used me like a cheap slave she is finally bonding with us. Its just hard having her seem sick and me being her Mommy not be able to do anything about it.

Oh and also (as I write a novel here lol) we have a cat room and when we got Bonnie we purchased a humidifier for the room. So when she gets too bad we lock her in there for a good 20min with it on. Sometimes it helps other times it makes her super boogery since her boogers were already wet and i added more moisture... its totally nasty when she sneezes... she seems to do it on my walls.... ya....nasty Lol good thing shes so cute!
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Did your vet test for Feline Herpes? IDEXX labs is having a half-price sale this month for "the" herpes test, the Real PCR URD test. You might inquire about that with your vet.
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