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Daily Thread Thurs March 19th!

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Morning folks!

Its going to be another mild one today..not too mild but 2 degrees. I am going to work out in the gym. Its not warm enough to run outside.

Last night I went for my first alteration appointment for my wedding dress, and it was so great! I feel amazing about the changes being made. Its going to be perfect!! And its only costing $140!! I was budgeting like $300 because I have heard horror stories of it causing a fortune.

Heading to work now, Josh is picking me up in a little more than an hour.

Anyway, have a good one folks!
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Its sunny but the temps dropped a bit so we had to start a fire in the wood stove after not using it since the weekend.

Had a good meeting last night and I won the door prize!! A gift basket valued at over $150!! I never win anything. A couple of things for the yard, a journal, candles, some decorating items. I should be able to use (re-gift a candle to my sis) most. That was unexpected!

No plans for today though-I might bundle up and pick some stuff up around the yard if its not frozen to the ground still.

Putting a roast in the crockpot in a bit for supper tonite.

Bobs was doing some serious growling around midnite last nite so I had to get up and see who was getting her excited. There was a strange cat on the window ledge. I'm thinking it was a tomcat-even though all our cats are fixed. Pretty one though-looks well fed. Might have to put out a dish of food though just in case it was a cat someone dumped out here in the "country".

Another exciting day for me!
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Well, I'm back at work and we've got a nice day again. High of around 65. According to the forecast it will be getting colder through the weekend (once it's officially Spring ), but nothing too extreme. I'm back at work this morning. I dropped my income tax off in the mailbox on my way in. I brought my gym clothes, but I'm not sure if I'll go tonight or not since I went yesterday. After that, just a quiet night at home with my furballs.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but a bit cooler here today.

Have a couple of errands to run this afternoon, and maybe some grocery shopping if I feel energetic enough.

Have a bit of a sore throat today but think it is more due to allergies then a cold.

The kitties are all napping, lazy bunch that they are.

Everyone have a great day
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