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soooo upset about cat on special diet eating other cat's food

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When mom and I are both working or when asleep at night, Luna and Mons stay in separate rooms. However, when mom gets home, she'll let Mons out (her favorite). Sometimes, she'll let out Luna. However, she keeps forgetting to close the door or zipper Mons' shelter so that Luna can't get to his food inside there. So Luna takes advantage of this to eat his food since he's such a nibbler. What pisses me off though is that Luna's been placed on a special food for a food trial over the past few weeks and this crap is $2 a can. I found a store that is willing to order Natural Balance's version of the food for much cheaper. And because she's been eating Mons' food, she's been itching like crazy again. It's starting all over with the scabs on her head. I told them several times after she was caught cheating that they HAVE to keep Luna out of that room (or zipper shut Mons' shelter).

Mom said it won't happen again, but I don't know if she'll actually be more careful. Besides, I am already pissed beyond words that in addition to what I've been paying the vets for these cats (they've gone to the doctor more times than most humans go), I spent all that money on expensive prescription food only for her to cheat and start itching again. What a waste of money.

It's like they're incapable of comprehending a simple request.

Edit: What makes it worse is that I'm a college student. I work full time, but the reason I'm in school is that the job I have now - the best I've had at least money wise and probably can get in this economy - isn't enough for me to support myself without staying at home. So I really feel the hurt with these vet bills and special food because I'm the only one who pays for them. Every cent. All I ask is for some monitoring help. Apparently that's too much for them.
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You are doing a great job taking care of them. I understand how tough it is trying to get through college and work at the same time. Another member, lawguy, had similar problems with his family and trying to take care of his kitten.

Maybe ask your mom to pay for the vet bill seeing as how she was the one to allow this to happen. Of course this is only to make her aware of what you are having to do in a polite way.

The next thought that comes to mind is a trip to the hardware store for a latch to put on your bedroom door. You can get a hook latch that would be so easy to put on and leave no damage. That would be the best assurance that this would not happen again.

I hope that the itchies get better. Hang in there!
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thanks. Mom will be out of town this weekend, so at least I can try monitoring her food.

Getting her to pay the vet bill or more food isn't going to happen. Tried that. For someone who makes more, she's been coming to ME for money. Last time, I lent her out of the cat fund (used to be vacation fund until Mons became too sick for us to go), so it's useless. Not trying to make them look too bad, because she's willing to take Mons to the vet when I can't, but sometimes they can be very frustrating. You guys know how family can be sometimes. They make you scratch your head.
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I have the same problem at my in-laws, which we stay with frequently. They can't wrap their heads around something so simple..."Do not feed Gus ANYTHING, ever". Our boy has severe food allergies and vomits and has diarrhea for days every time he gets into something, but they still leave all their dinner leftovers on the kitchen counter, door open and cats out. Every time I go remind them to at least keep the door closed they say "oh he's fine". Well last time we were there he ate some chili and practically covered the car in vomit on the way home.

Best I can figure can't change their ways. You might consider keeping the cat with special needs in with you overnight and lock your door. If you're at school or work pick up all food before you leave. My non-allergy cat is a nibbler as well, but he's gotten used to not having food out all of the time and eats the whole meal when it's given to him.
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It might be an extreme measure, but I seem to remember that one clever member had a solution for cats on two different diets. She set up a cage or box containing each cat's food, with a radio-controlled pet door entering each, and the cats wearing radio collars. That way the cats could share the whole home, but each only had access to the box containing his own food.

I think this was for cats who were permanently on separate diets, rather than just a two-month food trial.
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took Luna and Mons today to the vet. The doctor gave her another cortisone shot to help with the short term itching while we wait for the diet to take effect again.

She was SO cranky at the vet.
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finally got her special food today. Only $1.04 per can vs. $1.96 per can. Yay!
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