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Tina and BB

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A while back I fostered 4 little ones and they have since found homes 3 weeks after i got them. There was Mittens...the lone wolf-kitteh. and the siblings Charlie, Tina and BB. Tina and BB live downstairs from me with their new owners and since changed thier names. Tina is named Mirri and BB is named Tsiphanie (sp?). I still like to call them by thier original names. At some point i'd like to visit with the owner who took Charlie and Mittens and see how those two are doing.

Any who...i get on occasion to visit with the two downstairs when i deliver the mail. Tina likes to get belleh rubbins but BB will take a petting if she's willing but normally just skitters away from me. 3 weeks with me apparently not enough to remember me by...LOL

last time i seen them was two days ago and i decided to film them Sorry for the long down load for the one...it was just over 4 megs when i uploaded it.

Tina getting belleh rubbins ( sorry for the nasaling there...microphone better than i thought)

BB keeping her distance from me
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That's great that you still get to visit with Tina and BB. I really do hope you get to see the other 2. BB is reallly pretty! Tina is so cute! My kitty won't tolerate belly rubs.

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It's great you get to see them as they get older! They are such pretty cats. If/when you see the other two, remember to take some pictures to share with us!
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