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Question about Cat snacks

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What is a healthy and non-fattening treat that can be typically found in someone's pantry or refrigerator? I'd like to give our cat a snack/treat in between meals but I want it to be something that is non-fattening for him. and something already found in the house (tuna?).

Thank you.
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Tuna isn't good as a regular fish is high in....something...that makes it bad for cats. Someone else can be more specific on that one.

You could probably cook up an unseasoned chicken breast (baked or boiled) and give your cat pieces of that. There is canned chicken as well, but you'll need to look at the ingredients for salt and other additives (I think there are some new, healthy brands that do not add much, if anything.
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Cooked or raw unseasoned meat. (my cat will eat cooked chicken)

Some cats like a tiny bit of scrambled eggs.

The odd piece of tuna is not horrible.... just don't feed 1/4 of a can at a time. If we're talking 1-2 pieces of flaked tuna, is not that bad.

Some cats like fruits and veggies.

Just stay away from offering milk, or seasoned items as those are the ones that can have the most negative effects (death from some seasonings).
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I knew a cat who loved cantalopes and his mom gave him a bit every night!

I give Buddy a little bit of American cheese crushed up in tiny pieces, but not much. He likes it and so did my late Casey. He also loves chicken, so I give him a bit of whatever leftover chicken we might have. A little tuna would be okay.

Don't give him anything overly salty/sweet or anything in large doses -- remember, we are talking snack here!
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On the subject of fruits and veggies, my Belle likes cucumber and watermelon and oranges. Actually, I haven't found much in the way of human food that she won't eat.
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Yep yep, scrambled eggs are good, my cat loves them. Cooked chicken is also a good idea, my cat loves it..
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I like to give my kitties a piece of cooked spaghetti-- they mostly play with it instead of eating it though
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