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more diarrhea

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So this morning, Jake's stool was half solid, half watery...I thought that should be normal...
But- just now he had another bowel movement of watery poop. The color isn't bad, there is no mucus or blood it's just watery ..
I'm going to get him some royal canin because his poops were really good when he was on that. Today I didn't want to give him any wet food so I gave him purina dry, it's terrible but it's all the kibble I had. I decided to feed it to him because he normally eats mostly wet and he gets authority so I thought it shouldn't be that bad for him to get a little bit of junk food. Maybe it doesn't agree with him though. I was really worried about him last night because his stomach was growling but when I saw that half of the dry poop this morning I felt so much better ...Gosh poor baby He is fine otherwise, plays even more than usual and eats and drinks water as usual....I just want him to have those nice solid poops again!! Vibes will be appreciated
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Make sure to give him the same dry food he was having lately - if it was not Royal Canin, don't change it now, as it might upset his digestive system even more...
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Yea he has been eating royal canin before I gave him the purina. I just gave him some and he is acting like he loves it I hope this was from the purina ....if it was its going in the trash I don't care if it's a waste of money.
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Probably it was - I gave some Purina to Lucky when I had a problem with her regular food, and she had very bad diarrhea from it. IMO, I would (and did) Throw it out, it's just junk anyways. You can also donate it to a shelter, if there is a considerable amount of it.
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So sorry to hear that. My jasper had Diarrhea when I had to change his dry food for 3 days, I felt so bad but could not get the usually I gave him for 4 days
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I hope it's clearing up. Today's poop looked more solid than yesterday's..and his stomach growled a lot less last night. But he is still eliminating the food he ate yesterday which was purina. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow's poop to be solid!
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We had solid poops today I'm so happy It MUST have been from purina kitten chow...
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