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A moving blanket?

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I'm sitting at my desk and I notice that my blanket has come alive...but then I hear some mewing and I realize that Mony is trapped under the blanket and needs help to get out.

Here's a video.
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Meowmy! You saved me from the wicked blanket attacker! Mony is so precious!!
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Haha! That was great. The look on Mony's face as she emerged was priceless. She is such a pretty girl with the white splotch on her face. Thank goodness you rescued her.
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I notice you took time to get the camera before you helped her out. Cute video.
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Awwwwwww.. such a cutie!! Is it me or does she and Johnboy look a little bit alike??
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Awww ... how cute it that.
You rescued Mony from the blanket trap.
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Mony says: Being tucked in is great, but there's a point of being TOO tucked in!

Cute video! She's a doll!
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