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What do you think??

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Today I received a catalog and pricing information from a farm/garden catalog. I just received a large email just a couple of minutes ago from a home and garden catalog.

Last week I received an email from yet another (this time very high end) hardscaping products firm. That one said they got my info from a trade horticulture publication.

I googled both my name and business name and didn't see anything new.
I googled the name of the trade publication then my name and didn't get anything either.

I wonder when I went to the trade show a couple of months ago if my information (not much really) was sold to these organizations??

I'll check with one of our horticulture club advisors tonite to see if he knows anything?

Its nice to have more sources but who knows if I'll ever use them.
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If you put a business card in a fishbowl at that trade show, there's your answer, and look for lots more mail/email.
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I entered a draw at a home show. I got phone calls and mail for two years. They give it to everybody
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You know those cars you see at malls that say "Enter to win this car!"? You enter and are put on every e'ffin mailing list there is. It's the same concept.
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A valid name, address, and e-mail is a valuable thing.

Many states sell their list of driver's licenses or registrations. So do most magazines. One thing I've seen suggested is to put your name slightly differently on every subscription, etc. If you start getting spam or junk mail for that name, you'll know where it came from.
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