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sick kitty

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i hve a 18 yrs old cat he has been with me for a while he has developed hearing loss but loves to eat! he has developed a food alergy on the top of his head abouve his right eye , that is scabby for the lst couple of years it is now spreading over his right eye , he has a problem seeing and hearing I love him so much this morning i noticed a dark spot on his back i pulled what little hair he has and i was a cluster of fleas he wears a flea coller but it looks like it is going up his back !!! i concerned , on what to do help !!!!!
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Hi nikki-

First of all you are to be commended for taking such great care of this cat! But flea collars do not work and they do cause skin problems etc. What you need is either Advantage or Revolution, or one of those products that you get from your vet. If your cat will tolerate it, give him a bath first, let him get completely dry and then apply the flea treatment. Vacuum your carpets really well, even flea-bomb your house (removing the cats first of course) But please toss that flea collar in the trash, it really doesn't work very good. That may not be a food allergy on his head, it may be from the toxins in the flea collar.
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