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TNR at Costco

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So, there's this colony of cats living under - get this - the parking lot
of Costco, Target and a mall!! We cannot tell where these cats
travel to, but all we can surmise is that they live under the lot in the drains.

We have taken over the feeding sites - from a feeder who left and didn't have anyone lined up. I feed and I trap (with help thank god!!)

I am sponsoring some cats for low cost spay.

Last trapping effort netted 1) kitten of 12/14 wks, 1) heavily pregger female with the most georgeous Bengal tiger (shimmer too!) coat. 1) male bengal look like

The male was neutered and released, the female aborted - we had NO homes for this kittens to go too, sadly, and no one could foster her through the kitten season. She is recovering for 10 days ... it was major surgery for her.

Now to the good part though: happily I persuaded the lady that does cat rescues/adoptions to take in the kitten. I evaluated him, worked with him for 4 days, and just got him fixed. In 4 days I could pet him easily in his carrier/trap. NO hissing or swatting.

Now that he's fixed, and dewormed
and so forth, he's much more active in his bathroom - emerging to play play play at night with his toys!

Of course, I do have him on pain killers... so that might make him less afraid and more playful. But I have great hopes for him!!

Since he was Neutered on St. Paddy's day I named him "Pooka" - "Pookie" or
for short! Pooka is the name for a mischievous Irish spirit.

His brother JR was caught in the same drain (in the middle of a vast parking lot - how on earth did he get there????!!!) 3 wks prior. JR was 9 wks, and also a beautiful bengal boy with a bit of lungs on him, LOL.

JR got adopted inside of 1 week. He was entirely bold and forth coming.

Pooka is shyer, but still quite curious and a good cat. I think he'll be more the laid back type...

Yayyy! We have 2 more 1/2 grown kittens to catch from that drain system, plus a Momma cat.

Send trapping vibes for March 27 which is when we will be trapping agian.
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Originally Posted by opilot View Post
Send trapping vibes for March 27 which is when we will be trapping agian.
Warm hugs and embracing for your good heart,
and vibes for March 27 - and other days you need some!
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If I lived closer, I would come help. What a great thing your doing!

Good luck with everything!!!
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Good luck. Sending lots of vibes.
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PLEASE remind us the night of the 26th too!

Of course you're doing such a wonderful thing - and such a wonderful job. That's you!

I know it's not Costco's responsibility - but have you asked them for a donation?

Good luck!

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Feral update: pregger (formerly) mom has recovered. Am going to fetch
her tonight and release her...she is wild as sin. Mean too.

Have been feeding at the sites they are used to eating at.
Monitoring which are most used. Unfortunately the
ones most used, are ones I consider to be most public and dangerous
to the cats. Ain't that always the way of it?

Sigh. I still want to move them out of the Costco drain, but I do not
know WHERE I will move that station to, as the woods by the
road are slated for development O .

I may move there temp, and being moving that over BEHIND
the curtain wall by the houses where I think there will be NO
development. Sigh. So hard. Vibes please for my efforts?

Also, the little kitten I named Pooka, or Pookie, has NOT
done as well as I wanted. He has regressed since being
released to the big room - I will be taking to the tamer
on Monday, and I had really really hoped he would be
pick up able, but he is not. I can reach in and pet
but he won't come out from cover and look at me.

I will work again with him tonight and intensively tomorrow
am. and pm Please vibes all and prayers for those who pray,
that he will "get" it by then? He isn't bad at all (no hisses
or clawing EVER) he just doesn't want to come out and be
seen and when I walk around standing up he hides and peers

He is very fond of my Frodo boy who is gentle and plays with him.
Frodo encourages him to come out and play, as he feels "brave"
watching Frodo get attention, LOL.

My Frogita is also very interesting to him, though she has
a habit of putting him in his place!

Baby hates him though, she has growled and hissed at him.

Goose won't come in the house and doesn't like him much either.

Wish I had one trusting loving kitten to "show him da way!"

Please all prayers for him to a) tame quickly and b) get a home??
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Sending vibes your way to get them all trapped and speutered, and to find homes for as many kittens as you can!

Interest though, last time I was at our Costco, there was a man sitting down the slope by the storm drain with a couple of rope leashes. I asked him what was up and he told me there were feral puppies in there, and he was trying to catch them to socialize them and adopt them out. Poor homeless babies must be attracted to these types of parking lots.
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Try to use Frodo and even also Frogita, it will help in socializing him.
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Huge trapping vibes needed for the Costco effort! I am sick this weekend with tonsilitis, but my friends are trapping for me. Please send vibes we
catch something this friday, and hopefully EARLY on so we don't have
to hang out till 12 or later!!!

Also vibes we don't get any possums or coons. They seem to
be much attracted to some of the food zones!

Saw a Calico pregger I want to trap, a black and white elusive one, and a poor matted fluffy grey boy I so desperately want to get. Prayers
all and many many vibes for catching at least 3 or 4 of the cats!!

Also vibes for a rescue friend who is overloaded and has a blind kitty
she is trying to home. V. sad story. Young kitty, black, given up
to the shelter. Sweet as pie. No homes to be had, and shes
trying so hard not to have to PTS her.

Special prayers someone finds room for her???
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Awwwwwww!!!!!! special for that poor kitty!!!!!!!!
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You are a compassionate person.
Blessing to you as you are one of God's caregivers!

I'm praying that you will be successful in your endeavors, and that you'll be successful in finding homes for these precious creatures.

For you - for the long haul - try to pace yourself, okay?
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Hey, I'll settle for some financial assistance. Right now, this comes out of my pocket. Sigh. We are planning for a yard sale maybe in June to help defray costs...

Yesterday night it rained and also friday, but they DID catch (1) cat
at my colony (a male I'd been wanting to grab), and we DID get one
at Costco, only sadly this one had been done before, so we had to
let her/him go.

But we will aim to trap NEXT weekend April 3/4 please huge vibes for good weather??? We've had a lot of rain, and that makes it harder to trap.

My 2 kittens from Costco were adorable bengal look alikes - ineed I believe
there is/was a bengal free roaming from one of those big houses, that
passed his genes on.

There also was a stunning female - she was super pregerand we had to abort the kits sadly (no homes available) but if she didn't carry bengal blood I would
eat my hat. Softest silkiest shinest fur, silver grey brown on black... amazing.

Anyway my 2 costco kittens were prob. from her first litter - they both got atdopted. I still carry the scar on my finger nail where JR bit me when I first went to scruff him, LOL. But he was just 9 weeks and after that mis understand he came right around to petting loving and being fed!! tamed and got adopted at 10 wks!!!

Sadly his brother, Pookie, I didn't catch till 12 wks, so it took much longer to tame him, but they report he is becoming a real mushy love bug... Now big vibes all he can sucessfully get a home at adoption events???!!!

Also vibes for feeding generosity from around the Costco stores. I wish I could find a couple of kind store managers. I know they have damaged food, so why not a single bag a week?? or every other?? Sigh. They always make it so hard to use the food...s o much waste going on....
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