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Need Help

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We adopted a New Cat in Jan had another cat (OC) in the house, both about 3 yrs.

It has been nice out here after a long winter and we have a screened in/ with windows back porch. We the cats out there and they sit in windows and look out.
Seems the NC wants out in a bad way...he pushes his body against the door
I put another lock at the top of the door so he can't get out. Today I had to
put a gate against the door and he just cries and cries to get out. I'm guessing he was an outdoor cat. No way is that happening. Now he has been pissing and growling at the OC when he gets near him. I don't want him getting the OC mad. Any suggestions????

Another problem they seem to play OK together. He and than he just started hissing at OC...sometimes he seems to say I've have enough of playing to get the OC to back off.. No hair standing on ends or no swipes either.

Thanks for any adivice!
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Quick question - is the new cat neutered? This could be part of the problem if he isn't.

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Yes he is...Humane Society won't let them go without that being done.

He just keeps running from the porch to another window..meowing not
loud but still meowing like he want's out..That's not gonna happen!!!
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Well, others may have better suggestions.

But... I think giving him some extra play time - as much as possible - may help.

As to his interaction with OC... if new kitty doesn't want to play and tells OC to back off, there's not much to do about it. You can consider purchasing some Feliway plug-ins or spray to help OC feel calmer in the situation. Flower Essences - Bach's Rescue Remedy, in particular, may help (a few drops in fresh water every day, and maybe dab just a little behind their ears).

...and just in general, the best way to help reduce stress is play, so I'd also devote some extra alone play time to OC each day.

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You could try putting him in a harness and taking him outside to run off some of his extra energy. Don't know if that would make him more or less eager to go outside. Every cat is different.

It's also possible that he's reacting to another cat outside.
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I think putting him on a harness may make it worse. They both get alot of play alone and together. I make sure of that. I was thinking when we 1st got new kitty he didn't have alot of play time before so I made sure he gets alot.
He hardly ever sleeps alot during the day maybe about 1 hour at a time kinda like a cat nap.....OC likes to sleep but now he just watches NC...I work at home so I'm with them all day. Now that the weather is better I like to keep the door open it helps warm the house up and the cat's can look out the window's.

Thanks again for any advice!
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Could it be possible that NC just wants to get out of the house to get away for OC? Your entire house probably smells like OC and NC might just need a little time in a place that doesn't smell like any other cats.

We had this problem once and I took a spare room that was only used for guest and cleaned it with the special cleaners that take away all the smell of the other cats. I mean we really cleaned it!

By doing this we made a place where the new cat can go that only smells like himself. I put a bird feeder outside that window and he would sit there and be good just looking out the window most of the afternoon.

We kept that door closed so the old cat could not get in and when the new cat wanted to come out he would give a little Meow and I would open the door and he would happily wander out to the food bowl.

This might not work for you but our new cat always wanted out and if you were not very careful he would escape when you opened the door to go outside. After giving him some time in his own place he stopped trying to get out all of the time.

Might seem strange but it worked for us.

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