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Question Of The Day, Wednesday - March 18th!

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Good morning! I think spring might actually be thinking about sticking around! It's 45 °F, and all but the last grungy piles of snow in the parking lots has melted. I hear the birds chirping in the morning, when I'm walking into work. Finally!!! It sure seemed like a long, cold winter!!!

Here's today's Question Of The Day.

What is your usual breakfast? Is it 'sit down' or 'on the go?'

My typical breakfast is a granola bar, yogurt, and a cup of coffee. It is usually consumed while getting ready for work. I'm too disorganized to actually sit down, relax, and eat breakfast!
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I'm really not a breakfast person during the week. It usually consists of coffee (a LOT of coffee) and if I have time I'll munch on leftovers from the night before.

But, on the weekends when DH and I are both home, I try to make a good breakfast at least one day. Usually breakfast burritos, or bacon and eggs. My stomach can't handle a big breakfast when I first get up so it usually becomes our lunch.
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90% of the time breakfast is a Little Debbie peanut butter bar with my coffee. I eat in front of the tv while I put my make-up on. (I'm addicted to 'Judge Alex' )
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My usual breakfast is toast and yogurt, and a cup of hot chocolate. I eat it either at the kitchen counter, or in front of the computer.
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I NEED my Eggbeaters in the morning!!! So, half cup eggbeaters, slice of toast, mug of coffee - even if I have to be at a work assignment!! Gotta eat! Hungry girl in the A.M.!!!!!!!
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usually granola bar + apple, orange, grapes or whatever fruit I have around. I eat it at work.
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On work days, it's a glass of OJ while I check email and come here for a quick look, and then coffee and a muffin in the office. On weekends and holidays, we lie in a little later and have a good breakfast late morning -- bacon and eggs or some variation on it; eggs benny or some variation on it; waffles(homemade) or French Toast with fruit and bacon -- you get the idea.
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I'm not a breakfast person myself.

If I do have breakie, its yogurt (if we have it) or a bagel... something quick that I can eat standing up or heading out.

On the weekends, I try to make one breakie (eggs/sausage or french toast, or egg toast which is a slice of toast with a poached egg and cheese on top).
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Coffee and of course is on the go.......

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On a work day, I eat either breakfast bars or bananas. Right now, I'm mostly eating the Special K 90 calorie bars. I eat them at my desk at work once I'm settled in and have my coffee brewed. If I start work early I'll usually eat 2 bars/bananas spaced out during the morning. If I show up later (~9 or later), I'll only eat one since lunch is so close.

On days off I like to eat a bowl of cereal, though not so much in the Winter. In Winter I'm more likely to eat grits instead.
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Since I am retired I can sit and relax and enjoy my two cups of coffee, I usually have an English Muffin or frozen toasted waffle, sometimes I skip breakfast totally but never skip coffee
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I'll start the morning with a cup of coffee while reading the Wall Street Journal on the sofa with Bobber usually on my lap.

I'll then have usually cold cereal and OJ or toast and OJ. Depending on the time of year and if I'll have time for lunch I'll made a egg/cheese sandwich or scrambled eggs or french toast. I'll mix it up with pancakes too!!

I cannot miss breakfast!
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Usually just a bowl of cereal while I check my email in the morning.
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If I have time I like to eat cream of wheat and big mug of coffee. If I'm in a hurry I grab a raisan bran muffin and coffee.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Usually just a bowl of cereal while I check my email in the morning.
LOL me too! With a cup of hot tea...
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I have to sit down with my toast and coffee, and watch 30 minutes of breakfast t.v. before i start to get dressed
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It really depends for me whether I've left enough time in the morning for breakfast. If I haven't I'll grab an Up N Go breakfast drink on the way to the train station or a Bacon and Egg Sandwhich. If I do have time I enjoy mushrooms, onions and bacon & eggs with toast.
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On weekdays, it's usually cereal and maybe some toast on the fly. On weekends, DH and I go out for a sit-down breakfast.
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I don't usually eat breakfast. I haven't since I was in elementary school. It makes me sick to my stomach if I eat too soon after I wake up, so I may have something small mid morning, but I usually don't eat a meal until lunch...sometimes dinner.
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I don't like the usual breakfast foods, like toast, eggs, cereal, etc. But breakfast is so important to me. Because of my schedule, I usually don't have time to eat lunch, so whatever i have for breakfast has to last me until at least 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

I usually just fix a plate of leftovers the night before and just warm it up in the morning.
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Coffee and cereal or toast. I have to eat it in front of the computer while surfing online for about 30 minutes in the morning. I need breakfast and relax time in the morning or else I don't function.
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I usually have a muffin (double chocolate chip) or eggo waffles or cereal. It depends how much time I have or what mood I am in. Sometimes my mom makes bacon to go along with my breakfast.
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I always have an egg, turkey bacon or Candian bacon, nonfat cottage cheese, and a nonfat latte. Sometimes I'll have a piece of sprouted grain toast instead of the meat or cottage cheese.
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