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Daily Thread HUMP day March 18th!

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Good Morning, Good Moooooooooorning! It's time to rise and shine!

I am bringing my wedding gown in tonight for the alteration appointment!! I can't wait until it fits just right!! So exciting!

One of my bridesmaids is meeting me after work and we are going together, and out for dinner as well.. Should be fun!

Its going to be mild today but rainy..better than snow though.

Anyhoo, have a great day folks!
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Mornin folks....

It's damp and cooler here, thus increasing my pain to excrutiating.

I had planned on going to work with my husband....and staying there all day. I have snakes to pick up at the airport this morning, and was just going to do some web design work at hubby's office.

so much for that. I'm still going, but he's going to bring me home afterwards....


sorry for my "down" mood, I was just looking forward to today.
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Hello All!

Its sunny today with a high of 53F which is about 12 degrees above the normal for this time of year. Yesterday we reached the upper 60's-had to turn on the A/C at work.

Most of the snow is now gone except for the snowbanks which are going down though.

I actually have a paying landscape job today-this morning I am pruning a person's small orchard. Not much but anything helps.

Then I have my last horticulture club meeting which is on organic lawn care.

So that's about it for today-I have to get my check list out so I don't forget any tools this morning (and a map!)

Bobber spent about an hour outside this morning but she is in now for her morning nap.

Have a good one.............
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Morning All!!!

Mild and wet again today.

Not up to much, kind of achy because of the damp weather so am going to have a bit of a lazy day I guess.

I do have a couple of errands to run after lunch but will see if I am more energetic by then. If not they can wait until tomorrow.

The kitties are watching the rain, I opened the window for them a bit and they seem to be quite enjoying it.

Everyone have a great day
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We've got a really nice day on tap for today. Sunny with a high of ~ 70 F. I left the windows open when I left for work so that the kitties could enjoy the weather. I'll be working until about 6 tonight and then heading to the gym. When I get home tonight I'm going to finish up my income tax. I worked through all of the forms last night, so I just need to check my work and then actually file it. It will be great to get that finished and off my back. It looks like I'm actually getting a pretty big return this year, so I find myself wondering why the heck I waited so long. Other than that, probably not much going on. I'll probably read my new issue of Cat Fancy, surf the 'net a bit, play with the kitties, and then try to get to bed at a decent hour.
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It is a beautiful sunny day 1C . Not good day for me, It is my Mom's birthday she died 4 years ago. I am not feeling well.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I am bringing my wedding gown in tonight for the alteration appointment!! I can't wait until it fits just right!! So exciting!
I can't wait to get my dress altered. The top of the dress is really big on me.

Today is 4 months until my wedding. I'm getting excited. It is coming soooo fast.

I had to work this morning 9:30-2. This afternoon, I made cupcakes and now I am just going to be lazy for the rest of the day.
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It's approaching (fast) Thursday lunch time here!

I had an early start this morning (it's normally a sleep in because I don't have classes on a Thursday) to come into town and work on some assignments, get some photo copying done etc. I'm stuck on TCS as usual!

I'm going to leave at around 2PM and go and pick up my car from it's servicing. After that I'm getting my eye brows done and going with Nana to look at a show kitten that we sold this year

I want to get a thai curry for tea after that
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