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Thursday's DT

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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a better day then I am. I just found out that I may need to go into a SARS quarentine! My hubby's co-worker's wife has SARS and if hubby's co-worker develops symptoms withing the next week, then I have to be quarentined. What a pain in the butt!

I have an OB/gyn appt this afternoon to arrange for some special tests. Then on to the next fertility specialist. Within the next few months we hope to start invitro. The only thing I am not looking forward to is having to inject myself daily with hormone pills.

I am trying the new Sprite Ice with the mint flavour and I am not sure I like - it is kinda mouth washy!

Hope everyone else is having a good day!
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Oh Adrienne, I feel so bad for all of you in Toronto. (I'm just down the highway from you). I heard yesterday that there are 6000 people in quarantine now. I am afraid that this outbreak will be worse than April, and after they thought it was under control! I had to take my dad into the hospital for a check up earlier this week, and they had the SARS screening at the door again, after just removing all of that last week.
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I'm home sick today. Blah. I hate being sick. At least my work is totally understanding, though. The last place I worked didn't even have sick time, if you were sick you had to use vacation time. The worst part of being sick to me is that my brain shuts off and I'm an absolute idiot. Can't remember anything, can't think straight, it sucks.

Ady, I hope you don't have to go into quarantine! This whole SARS thing is just scary.
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Adrienne, I think about you every time I hear about SARS! I hope you don't have to be quarantined. Would you believe that when I was very young, your house was quarantined if someone had measles or chickenpox? A sign was put on your door, and no one was allowed in or out. Now, of course, there are vaccines to protect our children. Measles and chickenpox were often thought of as diseases some mothers deliberately exposed their children to-later, because they thought it was better to get them as children than as adults.

I hope hubby's co-worker doesn't show any symptoms, but I understand (and I'm sure you do, too) the the Health Dept. is just trying to keep everyone safe. Stay well!
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Ady, I hope that you don't go into quarentine, but it's better to be safe than sorry! Actually, the LCBO (liquor store) up the street from me is closed. Anyone who used it in the last couple of days has to go into voluntary quarentine. Then during the first outbreak the hospital at the end of my street was shut down. It seems like I'm surrounded! Ick!

I just heard on the news that the SARS outbreak supposedly hit its peak in Toronto on Monday/Tuesday. Looks like this will be something that everyone just has to learn to live with if they don't find a cure.

Hope your feeling better Heidi!

Where is everyone today?? Really quiet in here, maybe because of SARS! Eeekkkkk...

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I am here now! This morning we had to go down to the nursing home,Ted's mom is at it again!!Now they are stripping her and rapeing her!And beating her,and the place is crawling with bugs and are getting under her skin!I know it's the demintia-(sp) but it get really trying!Her oldest son is coming up fron KY next month,he thinks he is going to walk in there and tell her she has to behave and learn to live where she is! HA HA,He has not seen her like this!Boy does he have a lot to learn!
Ok, enough about her,I am almost ready to paint! Ted is doing the last of the sanding today.should be done early next week,all painting!
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After reading everyone's posts, I almost feel guilty about having a good day.

Final exam, today - I got a 98! Therefore, I am gainfuly employed, for the forseeable future. As long as people are buying cars, I work. The trainer told me that I'm going to be groomed for a supervisory position. Good grief, I've only handled ONE call, so far!

I wouldn't mind the extra money but some of those supervisors' jobs mean traveling a lot or, moving to St. Louis. Some traveling - OK but I'm NOT moving to St. Louis!
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Cindy - that is fantastic! I knew you would be the best thing that happened to that company in a long time.

Heidi- hope you feel better soon!

Sherral - good luck with the painting. If we are quarentined, that is probably what we will be doing with our time!

Well, I have to have a laperoscopy (sp?) next Friday to see if my tubes are scarred. At least we are 1 step closer to having a baby (hopefully). Not looking forward to the procedure, however.

So far, things are looking good on the not having to be quarentined thing. I hope not, or it will mess with the laperoscopy!
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Ack! Sars, I think we have had one case here, so nothing to worry about. I'm sorry for everyone that's effected. Today I took a day off school, it's our big national cat show tomorrow and I have to be at the show all at 5:30 , Wish Me Luck! and I'm just about to leave( 1 hour) to go and help set up the hall .. Hope everyone has a good day!
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