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Frisky beat me to bed

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At night before I head to bed I always go and pull the covers down. When I went to go to bed this is what I found. I must have taken 10 pictures with the flash he woke up once and went right back to sleep lol.

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Annnnnd what's wrong with that? That is to funny!! And so adorable!!
I especially like the one with the paw raised up like ..Hey
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"Excuse me, can't a guy get some sleep?"

Ha! What a great series of pics. I hope you didn't disturb him too badly.
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Cuttest thing ever! I love how she is belly up with her little paws on the top of the blankets, and right on the middle of the bed. Priceless!
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Oh my gosh - that is seriously adorable! Frisky really got all tucked in and ready for sleepin'!
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That is tooooo funny! It looks like kitty is smiling at the situation... ahhh.. sooooo coooommmmfffffyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
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He has the biggest smile on his face! I can totally relate to that perfect cuddle feeling!
I just have to share a pic of Sweety stealing our bed........
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That is a gorgeous picture! Frisky knows just where is most comfortable.
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Awwwwwwwww He is so cute
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OMG! That is sooooo adorable! Even I couldn't disturb that sweetheart!

Yesterday I was doing laundry and after I put the mattress cover on the water bed, I put the comforter on the bed so that my kitties didn't get cat hair all over the mattress cover.

I went in to put the sheets on and pulled back the comforter and there was Abby laying under it looking all surprised making meeping sounds at me because I disturbed her. I put the cover back over her and left the room so that the Princess could finish her nap
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Thanks everyone, They were just too cute not to share. The funny thing is it was not staged in anyway. I had pulled the covers down and he managed to get under them and then position himself just right. And the smile I thought I was the only one who saw the content smile on his face.

I told you all he was my ham. I always feel like I take far more pictures of him than I do my other babies but he is always doing something that is picture worthy he knows how to work the camera.

I have a few more pictures from the series i'll have to post later.
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That's so cute!

Hennessy just makes 'nest's with my blankets and glowers at me when I turn on the light!
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That's just too adorable!!! All tucked in and ready for bed! I bet it broke your heart to move those covers so you could get to bed!!
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Too cute!!
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