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need prayers

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I have an appointment tomorrow am to have my little tuxedo cat (was ferrel) Slick combo tested. She is pregnant. I am on pins and needles worrying that the combo might come back positive. Her kittens would probably be positive too. I just pray she is ok. Don't know what i'll do if it is bad news. I had a ferral cat years ago, Jake, who was FIV positive. Had to have him put down. He was aggressive with the other cats. Broke my heart. This would be double bad because of the kittens. Send up some good thoughts for us. Will keep you posted.
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For nothing wrong to come back in the test....
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Wow, I hope that everything turns out fine! for good results!!
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best wishes for a good diagnosis.
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Best wishes for a healthy result!
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Negative!! On both counts!! I was in Walmart this am and the vet called and said that if she comes back positive for FLV, they suggest putting her down. Not FIV but the leukemia is a nasty thing. Well, I nearly started crying right there at the checkout!! I gave permission, because her babies would be born with it too. I was a mess. Just wanted to go home and wait for the call. Even stopped at church and sent up a prayer that she would be negative. Couldn't bear the thought that those babies that I have been feeling in her belly might not take their first breath. Thank God and thank all of you for your part in the good outcome. Now I am going to go and make her up a birthing box, (the vet says "any time now") I feel like Ricky, Ethel and Fred waiting for Lucy to have her baby! lol. If I can figure out how to post pics, I will hopefully get some good ones! Thanks and bless you all.
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oh, thank goodness - now, best wishes for an easy delivery and healthy family (including you!)
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Thank Goodness! So she's due any day now?
Good luck Lucy!
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Good news! I'm so glad mama and babies will be okay! All we need to do now is wait for picts!
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Slick is due any day or minute for that matter. We made her a nesting box with a thick rubber pad fitted tightly to the sides so no babies can make their way under it. Put in a dark corner in the workshop and she visited it briefly. Right now she is laying in the sun on her pillow, listening to classical music softly in the background. Talk about atmosphere. When I had my kids all I heard was screams and bedpans clanking!! I have had cats for 30 years and never had kittens. We had them all spayed and neutered right away. Hard to believe!! She keeps showing me her belly and loves it when I gently rub it. I feel the babies kicking.
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That is wonderful news I can't wait to see pictures!
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