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She's soooo happy!

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I just don't know what to do. I recently posted my cat (almost 6) has been exclusively indoor. She recently started escaping, making me super nervous (no collar at the time), etc. I really don't (didn't) want her outdoors. So for 2 days she stayed indoors and she was MISERABLE!!! Just laid there, didn't eat, no purring, just pathetic little kitty. So yesterday we let her out in our backyard and tried playing with her in the backyard (so she would stay) and she has been sooooo happy. She loves chasing flies, birds, etc. In fact, she just left a dead bird for us just now. I told DH that means, she loves us and she's offering it to us (she's "feeding" us), and he just picked it up and tossed it over the fence. He did this in front of Leela, she "meowed" really loud. Could he have hurt her feelings? Should we be disposing of dead animals in different ways? Let's see: so far we've had 2 lizards and now a bird in the last week!

Anyway, she is super happy, she's actually letting the kids pet her, she's jumping on our lap now, I haven't seen her this happy in years. She's just laying right outside the door, she's not going anywhere, just lays, comes in for food water, and goes back to lay in the sun. She only likes the outside during the day.

So now the obvious questions:
I probably have to worm her, right? especially if she's hunting wild animals.
Do I have to change her diet?
Is she on her way to turning ferall? I've never had indoor/outdoor cats. Most have been outdoors, coming in for baths only.
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Yes, you should check with your vet right away to see if there are vaccinations she needs that an outdoor cat would get but an indoor cat wouldn't. Also, don't let her outside again until you've applied a topical flea treatment (Frontline and Advantage work, while other flea treatments tend to be ineffective or even dangerous); you put this at the nape of the neck once a month.

Tapeworms are carried by fleas, so once you are on a flea treatment routine, they shouldn't be a problem. However, since your cat has been out without flea treatment, she may have already contracted them. Keep your eye out for signs of worms, and if they develop, take the cat to a vet for treatment, since at-home dewormers are dangerous and often fail to treat the specific type of worms your cat has.

No, there's no reason to change her diet, and she won't turn feral. Just make sure she only goes out during the day (because cats tend to do more hunting and fighting and stay out longer at night).
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I'd ask hubby to dispose of the gifts when she can't see - I really do think her feelings are being hurt. But, boy, does she love you guys!

And all of the above - I understand outdoor/indoor kitties need shots that indoor onlies can pass on.
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