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Should i give him away?

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hello everybody,

I do need advice, and u know better than me when it comes to cats... i got a male cat about 6 months ago and mom rejected him... since i don't have a house of my own, i had to take the cat live at my office in a very small room at the office coz i use the other room 4 courses ... now, there's a chance that a canadian guy and his family (his brother, parents) adopt the cat ... All i want is my cat be happy whether he's with me or with my friend ... for me, i'll get him the best food, toys and all cat stuff but i almost don't have time to spend with him, can just feed him, take him to the vet, etc. (his basic needs) ... my friend won't spend as much money on him, he'll buy him food but not the best brands, he'll send him to the vet but not as fast as i will do ..... he had 2 cats, one lived for 15 years and one lived for 17 years ... all what i want is this cat's be happy, healthy, live so long coz he taught me a lot in the short period he spent with me... i can mak money and buy an apartment in one or two years from now ... but i will still work all day long and travel ... i'm 24 years old and the following years will carry: me trying to make money .. me travelling to the US to study, etc. ... so they will be super busy years 4 me ... my problem is i am busy, i travel a lot but i can still provide his basic needs, food, medical care, etc. ... so is it better 4 the cat to live with me or with him?
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It sounds as though you are better able to provide for his physical needs, but not to give him the attention and interaction that he needs to thrive. The fact that there is a person who can both provide for his physical needs and his emotional needs, and has a good track record with cats, and is willing, speaks for itself. In your situation, I'd place the cat with the other family.
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I agree, it sounds like the other family are good cat owners and would be able to give him more attention and companionship. Cats don't care that much about the quality of their food (as long as they think it's tasty) or toys (paper bags and boxes tend to be their favorites anyway). I think he would be happier in a home than in a small office where he's alone a lot.
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It sounds like the other family will love him and provide for him. I would go ahead and rehome him. I'm sure he'll be very happy.
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Anybody whose cats live 15 or more years is doing a good job by them, so I wouldn't worry that they will deprive the cat. It sounds like you love him, and want the best for him, but are currently unable to provide both the material and immaterial needs he has. Your friend may be able to do both.
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