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Werid Question

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Sometimes when I pick up my cat to hold her, this stinky liquid sprays out of her rear-end area. It doesnt seem to be brown in color, but it sure does STINK! She is fixed. What could this be? Perhaps an impacked anal sac? Any imput would be great! Thanks
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It does sound like a discharge from her anal gland. It wouldn't hurt to just have a vet look at her. If anal glands are not expressed during their natural litter box use, the glands can become impacted and burst which is awful. If her anal glands are getting full, the vet can show you how to express them yourself (if you want to do it ).
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My cat has stinky anal sacs too. She's had this problem ever since we bought her last September. She doesn't scoot on the carpet or otherwise seem bothered by it herself, but it sure does stink and recently she got it on my pants and bed sheets, so it's come to the point where I really want to do something about it! Surgery seems like the absolute very last resort due to all the safety issues and risks of complications.

My question is: how often do other cat owners here who have stinky cats have to have their anal sacs expressed?

It doesn't seem to me that she has a problem expressing the fluid, just not at the appropriate time!!!

Also, could anyone provide a quick list of high-fiber cat food brands?

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You can have the vet show you how to express the anal glands yourself but you must be careful. Some folks just don't want to do it themselves.

Sharky is our resident guru on foods so I'm sure she'll be along to give you some guidance on foods to answer your question.
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