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Cat Condo Blueprints

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Hi There,

I would really like to get our little guy a cat condo to climb around in and explore, unfortunately they are rather expensive to buy. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of a site that has plans or blueprints to build your own. My Dad has all the necessary tools that I could use to build it but I have no blueprints. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot
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I've been looking at that one, it seems fairly simple and easy to make, the only slightly difficult task is the countersinking of the bolts so it doesnt scratch my hardwood floors. Other than that it seems fairly cheep aswell especially sence I'm leaning towards using branches as posts, more clean up but also more fun for the boys and i've already seen them staring at the tree outside their window.
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Just an idea:

We found an old large barrel made of really hard cardboard ( we found it in a basement, it was originally used to store insulation). We took it, cleaned it out really well, and bought some carpeting. We attached the carpeting to the inside and outside, cut a few holes in the top and sides, and voila, we had an adorable kitty condo. Both of my 2 love it, one sleeps inside all the time, and one is constantly on top.

My point is, if you don't feel comfortable constructing one, be creative. Try just using something you already have to transform it into one!

Good luck!
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Thanks for the replies. I would make one kind of on the fly but my Dad has always told me before you build anything make sure you have a plan, it's his tools so I gotta play by his rules. DeriCiph thanks for the link! Please keep the suggestions and ideas coming!
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Here is a link- CattreePlans
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Thanks Hissy!! Anyone else now of any sites that has plans?
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Idunno about plans, but this site has some *amazing* cat trees made out of real trees... I couldn't nail two blocks together but I get all inspired looking at these pictures...
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