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Baby Names

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Right. My turn to ask y'all for some feedback. As you must by now know, I will be having a baby boy in mid-August. We have now begun narrowing down our HUGE name list, and I'd love some help in finalising it. I think we'll reserve final judgement until we'll see the little fella, but I'd still like to narrow it down to about 3 names.

So, here are the names in no particular order -

1. Aleksander (or Aleksy) - my maternal grandfather's name, using the Polish spelling
2. Maxwell (shortened to Max)
3. Dominik (shortened to Dom)
4. Rupert (shortened to Roo)
5. Julian
6. Louis
7. Jasper (shortened to Jas or Jaz)

The surname the names have to go with is Mealing.

Any thoughts? I may not be around much today and tomorrow (meetings, meetings, meetings), but I'll try to pop back during the weekend.
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Oh wow.

Yola, I really like Aleksy. Beautiful!

If not that one, then I would have to say that I like Julian the second best!

Congratulations, can't wait to see pictures of your new boy, and find out what name you choose!
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I'm no help! I think they are all very nice!
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I love the names Aleksander and Dominik.

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I like Julian and Dominik
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I like Aleksander really well. It's avery strong name and I like the shortened version of Aleksy or Alek.
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I also like Aleksander. If I ever have a boy (or if I ever have a baby in the first place ) I've already chosen the name-Cristoph Alexander. But I love the Polish spelling. It's unique without being strange.
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All of the names are great, but I really love Julian.
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I like Maxwell and Dominik. They are masculine and the kid won't be teased.
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I like Aleksander and Dominik. I especially like Aleksy being from your grandfather, gives it that sense of heritage you know?
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Only First Name and Sur Name....

No Middle Name??

I like Julian
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Take all of those names and try to be as vicious with them as you possibly can. Make up the worst possible nickname you can come up with and think of the worst things you can about it. That's what the other kids will do. My name is Ericka and I got called Lake Erie when they wanted to be mean and most people lapse and call me Eric--hardly ever hear that ka at the end (except now since there's an Eric at my work who sits next to me--LOL). My parents thought that the worst thing that would happen with Ericka is that I would get called Rickie (two people did that).

Also, consider what the initials may or may not spell. I had a teacher (and our current IT manager) who has the initials BS, kids will make fun of anything like BM or BO or anything that could even sound like a cuss word or bodily function. My initials used to spell EEL only most kids never got the middle initial so when ELO was popular I got called ELO too.

You can't think of everything, but these are some things other parents (including my own) have told me. Also--there's a culture in which having the initials actually spell a word is lucky so mine spell EEL and my cousin's spell SLY.
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I think Aleksander / Aleksy is my favorite.
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Aleksy is my favourite also.........but Jazz Mealing sounds pretty cool!

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I like Aleksy Jazz Mealing. It sounds cool, without being weird.

Sometimes, parents come up with some God-awful names. Why don't they just name the kid "Beat Me Up"?

I'm not too sure where Mark and Sam got the twins' middle names - Jabian and Sabian. Their first names - Feliza and Isabel - are OK.
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Thanks very much for all your suggestions everyone - I'm being drawn to Aleksy, not only because I like the name very much, but also as it is my Grandfather's name - my mother didn't really know him as he and my Grandmother separated before my Mum was born (very rare in the late 1920s), and then the war broke out and she never knew what happened to him.

It actually made me cry really hard, because she showed me a torn photograph not very long ago. It had a man's hand on it, obviously well dressed with a large ornate ring on his finger, holding a silver-topped cane.

That is the only picture we have of my Grandfather. Mum had to tear away the rest of the picture as it was very bloodstained (she pulled it out of the ruins of her flat in Warsaw as a teenager).

I just thought it was so sad a poignant that this is the only tangible evidence left of a man to whom I am related very closely.
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I agree with Cindy , that's a cool ( not weird) name..
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Congrats, Yola.. oh, this is exciting news!! Congrats!

i always liked the name "Louis David" -- french.

So, i would vote for "Louis" pronounced as loo-ee.

Smiles and Cheers!
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I vote for Julian. I suits a young boy and a grown man well.
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