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Anyone else's kitty like to play with paper??

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Welcome to the sales of the week......

Let's check it out.

Hmmm, some pretty good sales eh.... this warrants a closer inspection.

and some in depth reading

This one looks good

this one too

and this one

Reading takes alot out of me....

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Those pics are so cute! I love how you caught the build up of excitement! Maia is a paper/box/bag freak! Any of these that enter the home, must be thoroughly inspected are subject to her approval!
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omg yes...every cat i ever had is a bag, paper freak....they love it.

cute pics
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Very cute pictures! Rocky loves to sit/sleep on paper bags, and Lucy will shred any paper within reach.
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Nora loves paper, any kind of paper. For my birthday in Dec my mom got me some dishes, and she had wrapped them in packing/moving paper. When we got home I unwrapped them all and put all the paper in our empty dining room. Nora goes in there all the time (it has pretty much turned into her room) and digs around in the paper.
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Too cute! It's those moments when we have to wonder why we spend ANY money on actual cat toys!!
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Aww, Kizzy's such a doll. My Tiny loves to play with paper too. Somehow she seems to sense how important a particular piece of paper is though. She's not interested in things like a discarded newspaper, but if she finds something like a birth certificate, tax return, or dissertation laying around she'll chew it up.
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Is there a kitty that doesn't love paper? WHAT a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kitty is having so much fun. My Gus shreds paper
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I can not even read the mail without Cleo taking it.
Cute Pics.
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Suuuuuuper cute! Looks like the 'super savings' sure were interesting! Kitten loves any kind of paper, but not to play in or lay on.. to tear up like a dog! Billy loves to spazz out in paper bags, too.
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Aww, Kizzy is so precious!!! What is it with cats and paper? If Maggie finds papers on the floor, she 'drives' them from room to room
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Kizzy is absolutely adorable!

You can buy them all the toys in the world and they still love paper and boxes!
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that is so cute jack likes plastic so i have to be careful that he doesn't eat any
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Aww, little Kismet. What a cute guy!

All of my cats loooove to lay on paper, but don't really play with it. As soon as I lay a notebook down, it gets sat on. Also, if I leave plastic bags sitting out, Mony will lay right down on it and take a nap.
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