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Daily Thread ST.PATTY'S DAY! Tues March 17th

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Mornin' folks!

Well I am not even a little bit Irish, but I will say Happy St.Patricks Day to all my Irish friends on here

Its going to be 10 degrees today..I might take a run outside after work instead of in the stinky gym. Notsure yet though..

I am off to work...and then to work out tonight. Not much else going on.

Oh I made this delicious dinner with pork, rice, and green beans last night..OMG was it ever good! I need to cook more often!

Anyhoo, have a great day folks!

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Happy St. Patty's Day.

It's another nice day out so I'm going to enjoy it. Might go to the library later and walk around down there.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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St Patricks day is over here but I wanted an excuse to write in Green anyway!

I really need to get to bed and it's almost 1.30AM here - I've got an early start since I've got my first class at 10am .

Tomorrow I've got classes till 5pm and then will come home and cook Kieran & I dinner, might go for a walk and we'll probably just watch TV.

Have a good day folks!
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We've got a nice day in store with a high of almost 70 F (20 C). It's still a bit chilly this morning though, so I'll hold off on opening the windows until this afternoon. I'm going to go run some errands today. First off for an oil change in the car, then pick up some prescription food for Thufir and medicine for Tre, and then to the grocery store. After that, hopefully home for a nap. Tiny is sitting on my lap, Promise is sitting on the desk in front of me (I have to look around her to see the screen) and Tre is on the floor below the chair. I think all 3 of them want to be in my lap right now. Only Thufir is elsewhere, probably napping on my bed.

As for St. Patty's day, I am Irish, so I will throw on some green. I'll probably skip the O'Douls though because it has way too many calories and I have to go to work in the morning.
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Hello All!!

Its starting out as a sunny and mild morning-its in the mid 40's!! Supposed to reach the lower 60's again today. Alot of snow melted-mainly the snowbanks are left. The bag of potting soil I want to bring in the house however is still frozen-I'll try to see if I can move it this afternoon when I get home.

Wearing green to work as well as chilling some Harp and Guinness in the refrigerator to make some Black and Tans for tonite.

Not much else going on.

Have a good one!
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BeannachtaÃ:censor: na Féile Pádraig!

It'll be hot here, so not much going on.

This evening will be traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner and later spending time with my dog on his birthday.
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Morning All!!!

Mild and rainy here today.

Nothing special planned just going to putter around the house and finish up a couple of things.

Making a pot of split pea with ham soup for dinner and some extra for the freezer.

The kitties are all napping and I may join them for a bit later.

Everyone have a great day
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I'm not even a little bit Irish either but to all who are and everyone else, Happy St. Patrick's Day...

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Top o' the morning to you all! It's mid 40's this morning and may get to 50 to day...

I'll probably hold off on my dinner making until tomorrow. I'll be in class until 9 tonight, and I don't eat that late... I will drink that late, however... I have some Guiness and may crack one open after school tonight. Tomorrow I'll pull out the crockpot and get the Corned Beef going, adding the cabbage part way through... I love my Corned beef...

Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone!
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Sunny but chilly day here. -4 C (24 F), with the NW wind it feels like -17 C (1.4 F). I actually had to close my window because it's a damp cold.

I'm doing the last of my laundry, my bedding. I have a chiropractor appointment today, then home to veg before work tomorrow.

I am currently sorting receipts so that I can do my income tax sometime today. I sure hope I am getting money back and not owing yet again this year!
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Happy St Patrick's Day!!

It'll be warm here today, I think we're getting a record breaking high. It's suppose to get up to 80 with no rain which means much needed yard work Right now I'm watching the parade on tv.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

Oh I made this delicious dinner with pork, rice, and green beans last night..OMG was it ever good! I need to cook more often!

Anyhoo, have a great day folks!

Oh Nat, you need to make potatoes instead of rice! LOL...that's a true Irish meal.

Mine was pretty low key. I wore a green sweatshirt to my doctor's appointment and called off for the rest of the day so I can enjoy! I wanted to make the pork roast I had in the freezer but DH said he wanted spaghetti instead. :d/k: He doesn't have an Irish bone in his body. I guess he will deal with it this weekend.
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Sunny and warm here in Dallas. Cloudy and rainy in Houston, where I made a delivery at 7 a.m. this morning.

Today is my sister's 50th birthday. We went up to OKC to celebrate it with her this past weekend.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post

This evening will be traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner and later spending time with my dog on his birthday.
This struck a chord with me - a cute one!

You're such a sweet person. Happy birthday to your doggy!
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Happy St. Padraig's Day to all!

I made Irish soda bread for work last night. I had the best of intentions to make something Irish for dinner, but I had little sleep last night, and also feel under the weather today--so I had that most Irish of lunches, a McDonald's cheeseburger! And I just ate leftover mac and cheese from last night's dinner, with peas--sort of the Irish flag colors, I suppose...
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Top of the evening to you!

We had the St. Patty's day potluck at work today. Corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, and all kinds of other goodies. I made a pound cake last night and decorated it with green sugar sprinkles. Funny thing - they put the jar of Beano next to the crock pots full of corned beef and cabbage.

It was 84 degrees (F) here today. I actually had to take off my suit jacket as I walked out the door after work. Oh darn! Came home and sat outside for about 2 hours just enjoying the warmth of the day.
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