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Disgusted by people!

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So yesterday I noticed that a house in the next block was being demolished. I found myself thinking for a minute that in this house the most sweetest dog lived. I figured that the owners had moved out so I didnt give it too much thought. This morning on the way to work i saw the poor doggie roaming around the street! When i came home from work, I decided to turn in that street to see if i bumped into the dog again. Sure enough the poor doggie whose name is Lady, was sitting infront of the demolished house behind a gate. She looked so sad. I felt so bad!!! I told my sister and we went over with dog food and water. While we were there, some older ladies approached us and told us that the owners had to move, the left with the other animals and left this one behind. Supposedly they were going to come back for her. Sad thing is that it has been 2 days and nothing. The dog is clearly an older dog.

My question is why on earth would someone do this? A dog they have raised and the just abandon just like that. Not caring if they eat or drink water. Needless to say Lady ate the food like she had never seen it before. I feel so bad I want to bring her home but i can't. I live with my parents still. I managed to bring 8 cats into my home and my sister managed to bring 5 dogs! we also have 2 parrots so we're pretty much full. No room for anymore doggies or kitties.

I wish i could find someone to take care of this old doggie. Until i can think of something i will continue to go over and feed her.

I hate people who have are cruel to animals!!!!!
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You can also search for dog rescues at Just type in your zip code and search on dogs. Scroll through the pages of listings - you'll see the rescue groups on the right - they all have links to some kind of info about them that has contact info.

People can really, really suck. And that's an understatement.

you can find someone or a rescue to help this dog. If they left with the other animals, I doubt they're coming back for this doggie.

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Bless you for caring for poor Lady....unfortunately, her story is all too common (just take a peek in the Cats SOS ). thankfully, not all Angels live in Heaven - look in the mirror & you'll see one
Sending prayers and vibes that someone takes in Lady before AC gets involved
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Thank you! I wrote one of the rescues an email and will be contacting a few other by phone tomorrow.
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Ugh! That makes me mad! Even if they did come back for her! They LEFT her! Horrible, ignorant people. Cammy was in my lap a few days ago asleep and I was looking at her I got so sad thinking about her last owners that dumped her. She loved them and trusted them, and then they just ditch her. And my poor Gus and Hef and the gray guy with no name. Why are people like that?
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Originally Posted by BMW Kitty Cat View Post
Thank you! I wrote one of the rescues an email and will be contacting a few other by phone tomorrow.
I hope you hear from someone that can help Lady. Keep us posted on what happens.
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I would definitely get her somewhere so that she's gone if the people do come back. You couldn't just sneak her home for a few days?

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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I would definitely get her somewhere so that she's gone if the people do come back. You couldn't just sneak her home for a few days?

lol i will try tonight to convince my parents to bring her in. However, this morning on the way to work i drove by and stopped in front of the house and i did not see her. The fence was closed so unless she was in the back of the lot, someone may have taken her. While i was there last night 2 ladies walked by and said they were considering taking her to their house. Maybe they did. I will pass by again on my way to check on her. I know my sister will go also once she gets home.
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I do hope Lady has found a home; bless you for taking care of her. I know how you feel about people just abandoning ther pets. Our first dog and 3 of our cats were left behind by renters down the street when they moved on. Our last orphaned kitty, Hannah, was 8 y/o and obviously an indoor cat. How someone could just kick her out and expect her to be able to fend for herself is beyond me.

Anyway, I'm hoping Lady's story has a happy ending.
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It's sick how people just abandon their pets. It's ridiculous.

My friend's cat was abandoned by her previous owner. Her owner lived with 2 other people and when he moved out, he left the cats to the roommates who I'm assuming agreed to take care of the cat. But somehow or other, the cat (indoor cat btw) was kicked out. My friend lived across the street and said that she saw the poor kitty meowing and pawing at the door trying to get in everyday, but they completely ignored her. My friend eventually took the kitty home with her.

I really really hope someone gives Lady a good home and you're awesome for taking care of her.
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You're an angel for caring and helping Lady!! I hope she finds her furever home!
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Bless you for helping Lady. When will people learn that animals are not disposable?
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Oh that poor dog People make me so mad

I hope you can find a rescue for her.

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So today i passed by on the way home and saw Lady in front of the house. Shortly after my sister and niece walked over to feed her. They said when they got to her, the owner was there (the couple is an elderly couple). Of course she asked him why on earth would he leave her behind. He explained that his wife is in a wheel chair and that the house was being torn down to be rebuilt to make it wheel chair accessible etc. Habitat for humanity placed them in a trailer and only let them take a few animals. I found out they have a couple more dogs. Lady is supposed to be cared for by their neighbor. Lady's owner brought her a bed today and more food. He said the house should be rebuilt soon and they will move back in.

We're going to continue watching over Lady even though he said this. However, we decided that if we see her roaming the street we were going to find a rescue to take her to. My sister is going to call a bunch tomorrow to see who would take her in. The owner said she has all her shots etc.

I'm really hoping they neighbors take care of her. Anyways like i said we will keep watch over her in the mean time.

I'll keep everyone posted!
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That is unbelievable! The poor dog is supposed to live in a fenced-in yard with no companionship until a house gets rebuilt months from now?! And it certainly seems as if the neighbor who's supposed to feed Lady is doing a swell job of it

we decided that if we see her roaming the street we were going to find a rescue to take her to
I think that's a very wise decision; I hope you can get a rescue in place so Lady will have a place to go. Thankfully, Lady has a couple of guardian angels watching out for her. You and your sister are obviously very good people, and you deserve a big hug for being so concerned about Lady.
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They demolished the entire house to make it wheelchair accessible?? When my mom was in a wheelchair we had to make certain changes but didn't have to tear the house down and rebuild from scratch. And her house was built in the late 1800's so it had VERY narrow hallways but we managed. A wheelchair ramp in the front and some changes inside should be about it. That doesn't make any sense to me.

Is Habitat for humanity doing the work? (I'm not sure if they are the ones that do construction work for charity or if they are just the ones that got the trailer for them.) I would contact them and see if you could take Lady and have THEM pay for the food and shelter until the house is built. I mean, to me, that's like saying "oh, you have 5 kids....sorry, the trailer will only allow 4 so one will be left behind".

That is just not right, and the neighbors apparently aren't doing a good job of taking care of Lady. Poor girl, she must be so confused. Bless you for caring and worrying about her!
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I'm sorry, but I don't understand why the neighbors that are supposed to be caring for her are just leaving her outside? I'd still talk to the family about talking to the neighbors and caring for her until those people's house is built and they can properly care for her again. What is wrong with people? I mean - does she have access to clean water? Is she being given heartworm meds, given that she's outside all the time now? Has she been treated with a flea and tick preventative like Advantage for dogs?

I feel bad their house had to be demolished and they can only have so many pets with them where they are - but someone needs to find a better caretaker for this poor baby who, as another poster pointed out, must be SO confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she'll be OK!

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Update: came home from work, saw the neighbors outside so i stopped and chatted with them for a bit. Lady is now in their backyard. They have a house for her that her owner brought for her and they told me she was inside while it was raining last night. They have a nice covered patio where she has her water and food. So for now she seems to be okay. I will continue to monitor her though, continue to pass by every morning and evening to make sure she remains with the neighbors. The moment i see her out wandering the streets i will snatch her lol
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I'm so glad Lady appears to be okay. Hopefully, the people taking care of her now will be good to her. (and yeah, I'd keep checking on her, too )
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Now that's nice news.

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