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Hi all. I was just hoping you could keep my sweet Teazer-cat in your thoughts. My little cat is almost 15 and she was just a little "off," so we went and saw her FAVORITE person (the vet). He called and said that her liver and kidney functions were not what they wanted to see but not unexpected in a cat her age but not at a level that he was going to panic yet. He didn't say she's diabetic cause her glucose came back normal, which is good. So he gave me special food and some pills to mix in, a combo he's had really good luck with and said the fact that she's eating, drinking, sleeping and, mostly, acting normally is a good sign, but if the numbers don't improve by the end of the month then we will have to talk about what to do. I'm just trying not to freak out yet cause she's been a really healthy animal up to this point and the other numbers were that of a younger animal. She has a little arthritis and that's about it and I took her in as soon as I noticed something wasn't right instead of waiting, but still... I just want my little cat to be ok! Thanks ~~RumpleT
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Keeping little Teaser in my thoughts and prayers and sending calming prayers and vibes to her anxious meowmmy
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Lots of going out to Teazer-kitty! And a for Meowmy too.
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So sorry to hear about Teazer-cat!
Lots of healing and lots of for you!!
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sending & for your Teazer...
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My Whisky is almost 16 and I have been away from him for almost 3 months now. His last vetcheck was pretty good, except for the pulling of 5 teeth and the severeness of his polyps in his ears. My Mom (who is allergic) is taking care of him until they can send him over (God bless her soul!!). She isn't that in tune with him so I wonder if she would catch anything if he started acting weird.

I'm just really hoping that he makes it over here...
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Sending plenty of and good thoughts for your Teazer-cat
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Sending vibes for Teazer cat from NZ!
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I will keep Teazer in my thought herame good
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for Teazer!

Rumpleteazer - I love that name!
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Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers for my little Teazer-cat. She's doing MUCH better! I'm so glad we didn't wait to go to see our vet. She's put on weight and perked up. She's up to a 10 on the twerp-o-meter. She wouldn't eat the special food at first so we mixed the food she liked with it and then one night she decided she just wanted the special food straight. Then last week she decided that she only wanted the special food in dry form. But the vet was ready for her! Haha. The only issue we had was it made her really gassy. We'd be sitting on the couch with her on our laps and all of the sudden everyone was runny for clear air. Some probiotics helped that. She's my sweet snuggly Teazer-cat again. We working through some messy litter box problems but that's certainly a small price to pay. Thank you everyone!


PS. Thank you, KittiesHasMe I named her after a character in the show Cats and she's lived up to her twerpy name.

PSS. Whisky'sDad I hope you get your Whisky back soon! I hated being away from my Teazer while I was at school. Best of luck!
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Sending prayers and plenty of vibes your way
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Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear Teazer is back to her 'twerpy' self.

for Teazer-cat and you.
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Teazer-kitty sounds like a ball of fun and love! I'm glad she's feelin okay and less gassy

Whisky'sDad, hang in there! I hope you're reunited with your boy soon
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Aw, she sounds like a real sweetheart. Glad to hear that she is doing better.
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