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Strange Dream last night

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I had a dream where I had gotten up because I needed a drink at 2 am, I saw on the porch, Mr Jinx sitting there. I came out and he did not run. I sat down on the steps and he came and sat down. He then spoke to me and told me not to blame myself and that he would see me again. It was very vivid. He told me he still loved me and that he was sorry about my hand. He wished me luck and said that he had to go. I woke up crying...
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I believe that sometimes dreams mean something. I hope yours helps you cope with your loss.
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Awww. I think Mr. Jinx is telling you its okay and that he loves you and thanks you for everything that you've done for him.
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Aww, honey. That was Mr. Jinx's way of letting you know that he is ok over the Rainbow Bridge and that he still loves you!! My boyfriend says his old cat, Cato, visits him, too.
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After I woke up, Diva put her paw on my arm and had this look like she was concerned about me...
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I think Mr Jinx was telling you that he still loves you and that he is ok. I haven't had a visit from my Oliver yet.

About 1 1/2 years after Oliver went to RB, I was looking at pictures of him on the computer with Whisky next to me. I got to a certain one and Whisky started looking at the monitor all weird. He then put his paw on the monitor, turned to look at me and meowed. I think it was his way of telling me that he realized he was gone and missed him. Something like that had never happened before or since.
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I used to feel so guilty about my first cat Jasper. I had him for 3 years. He was found as a kitten that hopped a ride in the engine of a truck, and he adopted me at work. He was my first and I wasn't very knowledgable about indoor cats, so once he got old enough I started letting him outside when I was home. He came back at night when I called him....95% of the time. The other 4.9% he was sitting on the front porch in the morning, waiting to be fed. One day I let him out and he didn't come back that night. He wasn't there the next morning. I was getting ready to move and was worried because I had a home lined up for him (I was moving from Guam to Maryland and couldn't take him). I came home that afternoon during lunch...still no Jasper.

I combed the neighborhood for the next 4 days, every day. No Japser. The day before I was supposed to fly out, my land lady comes over and tells me Jasper is dead. She saw him on the side of the road, but by the time I got there someone had already cleaned him up, so I was never really sure.

I felt so guilty. If it was him, it was my fault for letting him out. If it wasn't him, maybe he came back home and I wasn't there. I went through this for weeks.

One night, I had a dream I was in a strange place and Jasper came up and head butted me, purred his little heart out while I petted him, and walked away towards the woods. But before he left, he looked over at me, gave me his "mommy meow" and flicked his tail....and just disappeared.

It was very vivid and I remember every detail 6 years later. I truly believe that he was telling me he was happy and didn't blame me at all. Just like I believe Mr Jinx is telling you the same thing.

Sorry, I didn't mean to write a novel. But I think dreams like that DO mean something and you should take comfort in what the dream is telling you.
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