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Susie, i'm so sorry i'm just seeing this now When i saw Trixie's name i though "We only have one Trixie here i'm sure?!"

Lots of mega healthy and eating coming your little girls way
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Susie, you and Trixie are in my thoughts!!
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I know what it's like to try and get a sick cat to eat. Tons of vibes and prayers heading your way...
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
My vet said if she hasn't eaten by Friday to bring her in and he'll give her some kind of pill to simulate her appetite....maybe that is what he was talking abuot.
I hope that Trixie is doing better this evening.

Sadie is difficult to pill....
it really stresses her out.
Her vet's office compounded her medication into a vitamin enriched liquid that I administered with am oral syringe.
It was rather expensive and only last for 30 days but worth it when Sadie was very frail.
She is doing much better now....

Sending TCS's powerful vibes that Trixie can bounce back and be her healthy self once again and a loving hug for you Susie.
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Poor Trixie. Here's hoping she gets a healthy appetite back soon.
...and a for you going through all this.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Keeping the coming for Miss Trixie. Lots of for her, and for Mom.

...and then some.

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I just saw this thread, I am so sorry for what you have been going through. How is your baby doing, did the stimulant help? We use Cyproheptadine as a stimulant, it seems to have less side effects. You may be able to add extra water to whatever you usually feed her and blend it into baby food consistency then syringe feed her, or get AD from the Vet and do the same. Prayers that she will come around and start on the mend, and that you will have a good outcome
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Continued and to you, Susie!
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I gotta tell you guys, this is really getting to me. After watching for over a week your baby not eat, and watch her get weaker and weaker, it's just eating me up inside. I've tried all your suggestions except maybe watering the food down and shooting it with a syringe down her throat. She's been trying to drink a tiny bit of water I've noticed this morning, but she's getting weaker and weaker. She stumbles when she walks. I'm so wanting to hear from the test results 100% that is is incurable cancer, which those results prob won't be in till Tues-Wed. I don't think she'll last that long. I've had my heart broke before with the loss of my two 17 year old dogs back in 2000, and my beloved father passing in 2003, so I know this pain all too well. My heart is broke and my insides are being eaten up. I don't know what to do for her anymore. That pill she got yesterday obviously isn't workig. They told me to bring her in for another one today if that one didn't work, but I have to wonder if she can eat at all. Her lumph nodes near her throat are so enlarged. I have a feeling the cancer is full blown and like most things that die, they just shut down. God I'd give anything to be wrong.

Please keep the prayers coming for her. Even if it is her time, I just hope and pray that God takes her so I don't have to make that decision and that she doesn't have to suffer unnecessarily. I love her sooooooooooooo
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Oh, Susie!

I'm so sorry you and Trixie are having to go through this!!!

More and some for her!
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Im so sorry to hear that things are not better for her, Susie. I know how much your babies mean to you and understand how heartbroken you are.
Im sending prayers for your little girl, for you and Jerry and for the rest of your babies.

I wanted to tell you about the syringe feeding, you can just put the syringe in the side of her mouthm just inside her lips to see if she will eat. You can be very gentle, if she will allow you.
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Susie, I've just seen this, and I am so scared for you.

I am sending many prayers and vibes for Trixie. She can still get through this...kitties have gotten through worse. Keep thinking positive and believe that your girl will make it.

Many strong hugs to you my friend.
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Oh Susie this is so awful I hate it when mine or anyones babies are sick

Ultra mega healthy for Trixie pie Poor baby

Hang in there chick, were there with you
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With a very heavy heart I will close this thread:
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