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What could it be?

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Where to start? You guys are going to think I'm a terrible meowmy! It turns out Ricky Bobby got locked in the restroom this morning. I got home from work and he was meowing in the rest room, with the door shut! He was in there for a little over 9 hours. I feel terrible! So he unsurprisingly had a bowel movement in the tub. His stool had streaks of blood in it! What could cause that? I'm going to make a vet appointment, they're closed now but I will call them tomorrow and make one. His normal cat litter is Fresh results, which is a light brownish color. So I have no idea how long this has been going on. I hate the thought of him being sick!
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There are many causes for blood in stools - indigestion, constipation, infection, worms, trauma... The visit to the vet will tell you but sending with hopes it turns out to be nothing.
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I hope everything turns out ok.....Do't beat yourself up over it
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Sending that it's something that can be treated easily. We all feel terrible when we accidentally lock a kitty in somewhere, but maybe this was meant to be just so you could discover the problem early.
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No, you're not a bad mommy - maybe this was meant to be, just in case Ricky-Bobby needed a vet visit, as was already said. Was it dark tarry blood in the stool, or bright red blood on the stool. Sometimes if it's bright red it's just a little anal fissure (both Dante and I have had those) due to a bit of straining. With my guy I just got a little more fiber in his diet, made sure he lost some weight, and, knock wood, we seem ok now...actually, I had the same course of treatment, but my vet spent way more time checking Dante over than my internist did with me!

So, don't panic til you see the vet. for nothing too serious.
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Maybe it's a good thing he got locked in the bathroom. Otherwise, who knows how long it would've been before you discovered the blood in his stool. Don't beat yourself up about it.
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I have an appointment for tomorrow, after work. Thanks for the vibes everyone!
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for Ricky Bobby and for Meowmy!
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Well I had to reschedule. DH thought it would be a good idea to wait until I got off of work, at 4:30, to put oil in the car so that put us behind 20 minutes, the appointment was at 5. He got me so mad, he knew we had an appointment. So I had to reschedule for monday at 5. I hate having to wait for things like this. Sorry, just had to vent. *SIGH*
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