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Gonna be stressed

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So My little girl and I are getting a new bigger home! Im sure its gonna be stressful for her,im dropping her at the vet early that day and leaving her there for about 5 hrs,poor thing will think i left her,then after i have everything moved in the new place im gonna pick her up and bring her to our new home! Im sure she is gonna be like What the Heck?? where am i,meow lol. I took about 3 days off so i can be with her to make sure she is ok!
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I bet she will be a little confused Good luck with the move,and I hope she adjusts well (and fast)
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Congratulations on getting a bigger place. Since you've got some extra time you should be able to make the transition relatively painless for your kitty. (What is her name?)

If you can, set up a "safe" room for her with her food, water, litter box, toys, bed, cat tree, etc. You don't have to have a separate kitty room just for her. It can even be your bedroom if that's where she's used to sleeping. She'll want familiar smells around, so don't go overboard on cleaning. Don't wash her blankets, and maybe even keep some dirty clothes around.

Put a familiar blanket in her carrier when you take her to the vet. If you don't have one small enough to fit, something like a shirt or pair of socks that you've worn will work as well.

When you get her to your new home, put the carrier in her safe room and take the door off. Let her come out to explore on her own. Don't try to introduce her to the house. She'll figure it out on her own soon enough.

When are you moving? Lots of good luck that it goes smoothly.
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Her name is Bristol and moving in 2 weeks!! last people had 2 cats,suppose to shampoo carpet i hope. If not i have some spray to help rid of the old cat smell.
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