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Live Kitty Cam!!!

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I'm gonna be in such trouble at work.....soooooo cute!!!
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Sometimes I want to put a webcam in my room and watch Jake all day haha..
this is very cute!
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One of the kittens was feeding from the food bowl when I had a cute
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How cute is that, lol.
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LOL how cute!!! They're all so adorable! 3 are playing and the other 3 aren't waking up for nothin! I'm partial to the grey and white one (looks like mine when she was little).
Aww, makes me want to get another kitten!!
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oh dear God, every single one of them is sleeping...all together in one big massive puddle of fur!
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LOL! A couple of them woke up and are harassing the rest, who just swat at them from a sleeping position.
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