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My cat does not go out but found a tick on him. (possibly from mouse in cellar??), Anyhow it took me 3 days or so to get it out as my cat will not really let you hold him still. But did it. If the head is still in there is it okay? not sure should I put some medicine or something on the cat or will it heal by itself. I had heard the body will eject the head if its still there?
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Well, when it comes to tick removal, the best way to do it (for your future reference) is to use the tweezers as FAR down on the tick as you can and pull STRAIGHT out. Twisting leaves the tick's head behind for sure. The problem with ticks is not the head, and kitty should be OK if the head or part of it is left behind - you're right, kitty's skin should push it out by itself with some time.

But DO keep an eye on your cat, especially where the tick was. Tick saliva is what carries a lot of diseases (potentially), so for the next couple of weeks make sure kitty is playing, eating, drinking and peeing and pooping like normal. And make sure the site where the tick was is not infected/inflamed.

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