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feline acne...when to see vet???

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Marley has an auto immune disease, not exactly sure which one, no blood work done yet. He has had acne spots before that I was able to clear up at home using hebiclense. I noticed the other day that he has a big (bout the size of a dime) patch of acne under his chin. I've been cleaning it for about 4 days now and it is about half the original size, but it still looks pretty nasty. Do you think this is something the vet needs to care for?? I wanted a vet visit to be last resort becuse last time he got shots that make him mopey for 2 weeks!!! and it cost me $100.00!! How long should I give it to clear up?? Is a week too long? He doesn't scratch it or anything, but he doesn't like me to clean it...Im sure it hurts to be touched. TIA
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Ironically I just got back from the vet. What she said about Kizzy's chin acne is that it is not a big deal as long as its kept clean... if that is his only issue it is not a problem unless it interferes with his eating (which it can as it can swell up by the jaw and cause discomfort).

So, IMHO, based on what I've just experienced.... as long as it doesn't look infected, you are cleaning it and its not interfering with his eating then I wouldn't worry about it.

Do you know what is causing it?
Do you have plastic or ceramic bowls? If so, change them to steel bowls.
What are you cleaning it with?
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Thanks!! I have no idea what is causing it. He eats out of stainless steel bowls and Im clenaing it with hebiclense. I did recently change his dry food to Innova, about a month and a half ago. This outbreak is very sudden, one day it was a tiny speck and the next it was the size of a dime.
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I noticed what the vet said was acne on pookas chin he gave me an antibiotic which was awful giving her the pills ( she was to smart to hid them) that didnt help only time and its still there slightly and now I noticed it on morgan... this isnt something that is contagious or anything.... I guess I am looking for any and all info on this I guess...
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I asked my vet about this and he said to keep it clean and keep the food bowls clean and see if it goes away. If it comes back, then bring her in.
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ok, great...thanks so much. I have been putting hebiclense on it twice a day and just yesterday when I got home, it is looking much better. I guess it just takes a while for a bad outbreak to clear up. Hopefully once we get it taken care of it will stay gone!!
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It is important that even if you use stainless bowls that you wash them thoroughly before each feeding. I bought about 12 of them at the dollar store so I put the dirty one in the dishwasher after one use and I always have plenty on hand so I can use a clean one each time. Also if you have their dishes on a plastic mat, get rid of that and maybe use a cloth placemat that you can toss in the washing machine. I'd get a set of 4 placemats so I would be able to change them frequently.
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Some years ago when I had that problem my vet suggested using a 1/2% cortizone cream or just a regular human pimple cream and wash the area 2x daily.
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