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Daily Thread Mon March 16th

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Ew, its Monday.

Morning folks! At least its mild around here..its going to be 6 degrees here today.

I have nothing going on other than work. Tonight I am going to make use of my crockpot. I'm making some veggie curry dish with rice

Wednesday I am going to get my dress altered! Well, the first appointment anyway

So, have a good one folks!
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We're supposed to be on a warming trend. The leaves are coming out, the blubonnets are popping, and all I'm waiting for is a scissortail.

Today is shelter day. I hope the lady I saw there adopts Mynx and Sphynx. I'm worried about Tiki Kay; I think she's older than I previously believed, since she seems to be short on teeth.

Dottie has a terrible cough; she needs to get to the doctor this afternoon.

And I have to get to bed early tonight. I have a 2:09 a.m. report time to go to Houston.
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Above normal temps again today! High of 54-56F. Yay! Still lots of snow to melt however as I think close to half is gone from the yard. Snow piles still high though (about 30 inches) The next couple of days should take them down.

I answered an ad on craiglist about some fruit tree pruning which I will be doing Wednesday-its a start at least. Also another requesting landscape design, I'll see if I get a response to that one too.

Have a load in the washer and attempting to hang out this morning-hopefully it will dry a bit on the clothesline.

Then off to work and a quick stop at the grocery store for some salad ingredients.

Have a good day!
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Good morning.

High of 10C here today. I gotta take Kizzy to the vet here shortly. Then later this afternoon my daughter will be going to gramma's to sleep over for a couple days. So I will have the house with no kids, AND hubby made it so he didn't have to go away this week for work, so he'll be home every night
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Morning All!!

Warmer here as well and looks like we are in for some rain. Hope so we could really use it. The snow is packed so hard from the cold weather last week a good rainstorm is about the only thing that's going to shift it.

I am a bit achy today, I spent all day Saturday and part of yesterday rearranging my deck planters, they are a little on the heavy side especially when they are full of frozen soil.

With the new planters my brother made for me over the winter and the ones I already had I can do some serious gardening come summer.

Nothing special planned for today, if it rains I will just putter around the house and if it doesn't I might go for a bit of a walk.

The kitties have had morning treats and are now window watching.

Everyone have a good day
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-10C It looks like it is going to snow. Finally all three kids are well enough to go to school today. I am going to the dentist. I am getting my teeth cleaned and a check-up.
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It's a pretty nice day here today, colder than yesterday tho. I have a few errands to run then back home, nothing much going on.
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We're pretty warm today with a high in the upper 50's, but it's a rainy, yucky day outside. The damp air makes it feel about 10 degrees cooler to me. I was in no mood to get up early this morning, so I came in late. That means I'll have to stay late to catch up. Then off to the gym after work. By the time I get home, get the kitties fed, clean up, scoop the litter boxes, etc it will be about time to go to bed again.
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Morning.. er, afternoon I guess. Wow, time flies when you're goofing off at work! Sometimes.

You people in cold weather might hate me, but i'm getting pissed off with the weather. Been in the 60s for weeks, and keeps saying it'll be in the 70s... tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes, and again, high of 65 today, 72 TOMORROW. We shall see.. Still can't complain when SoCal 'winter' consists of some rain and lows in the 40s at night when we might have to actually turn on the heat.

Time to go home for lunch soon and play with Genever..
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