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Crazy couple weeks

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These past couple/few weeks have been a nightmare. My husband owns/runs a machining company and he started out making beadlock wheels for 2.2 and 1.9 scale radio controlled rock crawler trucks.

Well, on Saturday they had a national rc crawler competition here in our city, and my husband helped set it up and run it along with Hobby Town, USA. He and some buddies have been working on getting ready for this thing for months, but no one would step up and do anything until the last minute. So of course, they have been in a rush to get everything ready in the past week or two. My husband had to shut down his shop for over a week to get this done. They had competitors, professional and amateur, from about 26 states come to this event, including Alaska! It was a bunch of overgrown children acting like lunatics, but it turned out great!! Much better than they expected, anyway.

Here is a link to some pictures. If it takes you to the right place there should be a bunch of pictures of people running the courses. If so, at the very bottom, the last few pictures, my husband is the guy wearing a red sweatshirt. You can't see him very well, but that's him. lol I was there, but it looks like most of those pictures were taking in the morning before I got there. I sat in the corner by myself most of the time anyway. All those guys are nuts, it's best just to stay out of the way.

I love these things and they are so much fun, but I'm so glad it is over. Back in May we went to one in Helena, Montana that was outdoors. THAT was fun. I got a great tan. LMAO Now our life can go back to normal, at least until next year. My poor husband got about 12 hours of sleep total in the past week, so he passed out at around 7:30 tonight.
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What an interesting hobby. Looks like the participants are really into it!
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Looks like loads of fun I completely hear ya on the overgrown children acting like lunatics.....I've never played with a rock crawler tho.

I'm glad things are back to normal now and hopefully hubby gets caught up on his sleep.
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Yep! Boys and their toys lol Interesting hobby. My brother belongs to a mini car race club. I don't understand what they find so exciting in driving little cars around a track but they love it. They have a big race once a week and tournaments once a month - sometimes out of state.
BTW, the butt-crack pic was interesting
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I don't understand it either. I've tried to get interested in it, but I must be ADD or something b/c I'll find it fun for about 5 minutes max, and then I get bored and need to do something else. I have my own rock crawler and the body has a huge dragonfly on it, but it is sitting covered in dust in my husband's shop with no wheels on it. lol My husband started out with regular rc cars, doing the whole carpet or concrete racing thing, but I find that completely uninteresting.
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My uncle was really into rc planes - now those are a real challenge. I was always certain I was going to crash them and felt more comfortable playing with the rc cars and boats he had, too.
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I am not showing this to my hubby
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