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Do scrapes heal totally?

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I just got back from my trip and it seems Ally was taken care of fairly well, but I did notice one problem that I wasn't thrilled about. See the pic below:

Is that a scrape? What happened there? Nobody knows when it happened, it doesn't seem to cause Ally any pain whatsoever, but it concerns me.

Her neck is 100% now btw - no pain at all.

I'm going to take Ally to the vet tomorrow to get her last set of shots and while there have them take a look at this, but if anybody has any ideas of what it is, and if it will heal on its own (if it will heall, will it heal totally?)... etc - let me know.

Ally is now about 15-16 weeks old.
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It should heal on its own, provided that it is not a spider bite, or something else that could caused it... Just keep it clean and dry, and watch to make sure an abscess doesn't form underneath it...
How is she doing, anyways? Has she regained her balance? Is she all good?
Where did you leave her for these two weeks?
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Ok, so the trip was actually one week + 2 days).

I kept her crated while I was still home, for a little over a week and basically stayed at home with her for the majority of that time to keep her company.

Right before the trip, I decided that keeping Ally in a crate just wasn't going to work because she was flat out miserable in there. Bored out of her mind and not having any outlet to get out her energy.

So here is what I did - I literally removed everything from my bedroom, including all furniture, decorations, etc. with the exception of my bed because I figured she'd want to sleep there.

I kept the crate in a corner with the door removed and her kitty bed inside with her blanket in case she wanted to stay in there at all.

I took out of the room her climbing pole b/c I didn't want her using it.

So, then it was basically just an empty room with a bed.

I bought a ton of simple cat toys for her to play with but that she couldn't hurt herself with - like lots of balls and such. I also found these little mice on elastic bands that I mounted to hang for her to play with.

Her food and water was set up with her feeders.

My brother promised me that he would clean the litter-box. He kind of followed through, in that he didn't clean it once a day like I asked but rather once every two days (or so he claims). There was a lot of stuff in her litter box when I got home and cleaned it, so I suspect he cleaned the litter box maybe 2-3 times total while I was gone which I'm not thrilled about.

I gave him strict instructions to not let her out of the room at all. Without going into details, I also gave him a strong incentive to do a good job and to not screw up. I won't go into details on that as it might seem a little mean as to what I did (but I had to do it).

I had my friend who is very good with animals come to the house and check on Ally every day or so. She also gave Ally her pain meds for the first few days, but when I spoke to her last Monday, she said that Ally didn't seem to need them and I agreed to stop the meds ( the doc said to use them only as needed ).

So, she checked on Ally, my brother kind of cleaned her litter box. Unfortunately, there was about 10 lbs of litter scattered about the bathroom floor when I got back that he didn't clean up, but I suppose that was my job anyways.

It seems to have worked out - with the exception of that little scrape which has scabbed over (making me think it happened days ago), she's feeling great. No neck pain anymore. I don't know about her balance, but she's not leaving my bedroom until she and I (along with another cat) leave to move to Minneapolis in the next few months.

I decided to go to U Minnesota for a JD/MBA and found a very nice apartment complex (albeit expensive at almost $1500 a month) in the uptown area that is one level high for us to live in. The complex also had lofts for the same price, but for Ally's safety, along with the second kitten (soon to come) I didn't want any stairs. The complex allows 2 cats per unit, which is perfect, and it's in a beautiful area of town.

Anyways, that's what's going on. Her balance I think is really fine. I think she just slipped on a slippery surface. The wood in this house has a high-gloss/high-polish finish.

The apt complex in Minneapolis has classy wooden floors, but without there being a second story, I don't think it will be a problem.
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Oh yeah, also, Ally is super happy and was incredibly happy to see me tonight when I got back from the trip.

She jumped into my arms and started purring.
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Originally Posted by LawGuy View Post
Oh yeah, also, Ally is super happy and was incredibly happy to see me tonight when I got back from the trip.

She jumped into my arms and started purring.
i know that feeling - mine are always velcro kitties when i've been away.
glad to hear she seems to have recovered from her fall
the scrape may be from going under your bed.
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Now scrape is common problem.But I happy you come out this problem.
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It's possible the scrape is from her cage, or from rubbing on something trying to get out of the room. If that's all it is, it should heal just fine.

You might want to consider one of the automatic litter boxes. There is one that seems to work pretty well; the "Smart Scoop" seems to be working quite well for most people, at about $75, give or take at Wal-Mart. The "Litter Robot" is expensive, but very good.
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I am going to be definitely getting an automatic litter box for her plus her soon to be friend because that way, while I'm in law school either in class or in the library studying, the cats can have a clean place to do their business.

I was wondering if it would be possible to get 1 large auto-sifting litter box and load it with multi-cat litter so that they both could use it.

Would that work, or do they have to have separate litter boxes? Separate boxes are doable as the apt I will likely have will be almost 1500 square feet. I just figured one box would be easier to deal with if it is doable.

Also, I wanted to add that I've been playing with her constantly since I got home testing out her neck and she's fine now. No pain at all. She healed fast.

She's going in for the rest of her shots today and also the doc will look at that scrape just to make sure it's nothing more than a scrape.

I think I figured out how she did it though. I noticed last night that she is loving running around my room from spot to spot, and the edge/lip of her litter-box is slightly sharp on the bottom where they trimmed the excess plastic. It is the exact height of the scrape had she run into it. I think she just was running around and didn't stop in time.

Some very-fine sandpaper should take care of the sharp edge/lip.
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the vet says the scrape/cut/nick (whatever you want to call it) is no biggie and will heal. It looks clean, is not infected, and is a non-issue.

While there, Ally got all of the rest of her shots.
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Good news, that!

One automatic box can take care of two cats, but you'll need to empty the receptacle probably daily. No biggie.

Be aware that the automatic boxes can scare a cat, so keep an eye on them at first.
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