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Anyone joining the Facebook group for TCSers make sure you post a note with your username, I'm afraid I don't know all of your "real" names
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I'm on Facebook. DH and I joined a couple of summers ago when his son was about to drive across the country with a friend, and said the way to keep in touch was to sign up for Facebook so we could see his updates there, 'cuz that was all the staying in touch he was going to commit to. I've connected with a bunch of people, and got totally addicted to Lexulous (the reincarnation of Scrabulous). I'm on there most days keeping up with my games, and if I have time I look to see what everyone's up to. I just went and found TCSers on Facebook and joined.
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I have friendster (never go there anymore like I used to), myspace(never go there anymore), Yahoo (never go there anymore), classmates.com (I am not sure if I want to keep paying to be member), don't have Twitter, but I am on facebook and feel free to PM me to add me.

I reconnected with many of my high school friends and elementary friends from that site as well as people I met from other forums and blogs.
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Nope .. did do reunion.com and found alot of folks I am in contact with...
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