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little miss

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hi all, for the history please see my previous posts. just got back from the vet. formed poops but not tootsie roll, brought the vet digital camera of it so she could see. little miss has had 2 poops with a drop of blood one on wednesday one friday. ever other day they were good. so vet wanted science diet, i didnt and brought my info of different foods in and vet said california naturals chicken and brown rice is an acceptable food instead of hills s/d. (we will mix it slowly to introduce her). vet also gave us diarsanyl and bene bac for the next 2 weeks, vet thinks itts a food issue as she is parasite negative and had a complete blood work up in nov that were normal. please we are asking for healing prayers and vibes that little miss, my "diddle bug" gets her tummy issues under control
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Healing vibes for Little Miss

I hope she produces tootsie rolls for you real soon. I'm also hoping my Poppy starts making tootsie rolls.
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