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:-) aww the kittens are sooo sweet...they've all got their eyes open and are curiouse about everything...they stare alot too....lol its soo cute....they fight with each other and are trying to run...its soo sweet....what age can they be sold...i dont want them to go tooooo soon...i would love to keep them though....[color=crimson]
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Kittens should stay with their Mom until they are at least 12 weeks old. This way they are weaned, potty trained, are socialised, and have their shots before you send them out into the world!
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Go with what Teresa said , We normally sell our kittens around 10 weeks, and that comes with , Kitten, Fully Wormed & de-flead, instructions and one vacc shot, they get the other done

Your kittens sound cute.. Pictures?
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we dont have any yet...im hoping to take some this weekend...im so happy...they are beautiful....
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Take some soon
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