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Was this the first robin of spring?

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Gee, I hope not:

But that's how I know spring is just around the corner at coaster's house: the carnage begins.
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Good Lord, I HOPE not! Awww, RIP poor birdy.

I've been looking for robins the past 2 weeks but so far...nothing. I think the weather (70 last weekend) has freaked them out. Or maybe it's the barn cats that are staring at the sky ready to pounce.
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Oh no that poor bird! It's hunting season again! He keeps getting those robins and we'll never know when spring is lol
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Oh man.. I hope that isn't the remains of a REAL birdie!!! Sigh.. the price we pay for loving our little hunters, right?
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Where are you in Wisconsin?? I'm close to Green Bay and have had robins hanging around for about a week now!

My cats don't bother the robins though-not worth there time I guess.
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They've been out for a good 2-3 weeks here in southern Ohio. Of course we've had 60 and even 70 degree weather as well!

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We've had them for a few weeks here in West Central Wisconsin too. My cats are content to watch birdies through the window these days. Lola got one on our apartment patio before we trapped her.
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