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Puss-like breath

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Has anyone ever had their Cat's breath smell kind of puss like. My cat is fine...he's acting completely normal, very playful, still eating and drinking. He had his distemper booster last week and he has a little bump where the shot was, but I think that is gone today. I'm just wondering what it could be? Maybe really bad breath? Just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them? Or have any suggestions or ideas?


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Do you brush your kitty's teeth? It could be the same as "people" breath. There may bee food caught in between the teeth. Have the vet give a look see and rule out dental problems.
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Sounds like your kitty has dental problems, maybe a rotten tooth, infection, etc. Please have your vet check this out, dental disease does lead to other health problems! Or, sometimes kitties with stomach problems have bad breath.
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Not sure what you mean about "puss breath" if it is sweet, you should suspect diabetes and have the cat tested. If the breath smells like urine, suspect a kidney disease, and if it smells really foul suspect a liver disorder. It could also be just a lot of tartar build up on the teeth in that case you can buy something like Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene solution and simply add it to the cat's water. You can find the listing on www.meowhoo.com under Basic Care.
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What did the vet say? Is everything OK?
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Okay. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been away from my computer. Took Willie to the vet and it's okay. He still has the bump from his vaccine, but they said that will go away soon and if it doens't bring him in to get looked at, but that's pretty normal. And they thought his breath smelled fine. But that renal failure scares me. Puss like breath was all I could think of, but now that ammonia enters my mind from the renal failure that scares me too. I'm monitoring him...but he seems fine. Eating and drinking the normal amounts. And still has stinky breath, but he's a kitty. Any others signs to look out for? He's not losing weight either.

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If the smell occurs you can always have a blood panel drawn to ease your mind. I didn't mean to scare you, I was just trying to figure out what puss breath was?
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I'm not...i'm just going to moniter his activities and how much he eats, drinks, pees, poops, etc. I already monitor it...just make sure it stays the same and watch his weight.
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I'm still super worried. Now it smells sweet. I'm worried.

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