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No more Kitty Klean? Options?

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Hi all,

My 2 cats have a tendency to miss the litter box from time to time, and I have been using a product I ordered from a catalog to keep the carpet clean. It is called "Kitty Klean", and essentially it is some mats made of white plastic, with lots and lots of deep indentations to catch litter (or in my case, urine). I just use it to line the area under my litter box and around it for several inches.

It has been so nice because it catches the stray litter bits and I can just shake them off into a trash bag - but when there is urine on them, I just throw them out and grab a new one. No washing needed.

Sadly, the catalog I was getting them from no longer carries them, and after searching the internet for a while I don't seem to find them. I think perhaps they are no longer being made.

Does anyone know where I can find a similar product? I really, really want the disposable feature - cleaning cat urine, especially if it is dried, is something I would rather avoid.

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How about puppy housetraining pads? I like the "Hartz Training Academy" brand, but any brand should work.
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