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Sunday Plans: what's yours?

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Its a beautiful day here today.... sun is shining, supposed to get up to 11 or 12C today

We might drive into London.... yesterday we priced out some carpet to finish our rec room, and priced some furniture.... I'd like to check Home Depot's pricing on carpet, and some other furniture stores.

Aside from that, prolly do some more yardwork and such. Gotta clean the fishtanks today.
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It s nasty and rainy here So it will be another day indoors! I will bake a cake with the kids for dessert tonight and let them wok on crafts and watch movies today!I hate the rain!!!!
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Its sunny and 34F with a predicted high of 49F!! That should melt some more snow.

In fact I hung out a load of laundry on the closeline. Have to see how well it will dry. Monday and Tuesday are going to be in the 50's I might have to finally take the flannel sheets of the bed in the spare bedroom.

Going to start my pepper and tomato seeds for sure this morning. Then look to see what else I have to start. Have to clean the bluebird houses too as the scouts should be coming soon. Then a bit of fruit tree pruning this afternoon. getting a bit of a late start as I slept until 8 am-wow!

I would like to grill but the ground is frozen in the firepit and has standing water, maybe later this week.

The cats are outside getting a bit of fresh air-they don't stay outside long this time of year.
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We've got a relatively warm day on tap with a high close to 60 F, but unfortunately it's going to be rainy and just generally yucky out. I plan to stay in and do work on the computer most of the day. I'll probably have at least 1 kitty on my lap 'helping out' since all 4 of them like to get in my lap during the cooler months. I'll probably take a nap in the mid-afternoon, and for dinner I may go out and pick up a pizza.
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We just got home from meeting with a wedding photographer. I knew I wanted to book them, and meeting with them today confirmed what I knew I wanted. Their pictures are absolutely amazing, and you get so much for your money with their packages. I love them. The wedding is definitely coming together, and I get more and more excited each day. Too bad its over a year out.

Afterwards, we went to Cracker Barrel for a yummy lunch and then came home. Relaxing for the rest of the day, catching up on more shows I missed throughout the week
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We went out for brunch with Josh's mom and grandma..then groceries. Now we are going to his friends place for dinner.
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It is a beautiful sunny day. I have to chose 5 pictures of my daughter for her Grad. Why do I bawl like a baby, when I look at the day we adopted her. You think after 18 years I wouldn't be so emotional
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