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awesome cat condo on ebay!!

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This one look really cool!!! If I didn't have one big cat condo and another one on the way I would get it! I like how it sits in the corner! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up incase someone is looking for one!
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gee Val,

With all your cats don't you think one gentle hint at hubby would do the trick?
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hmmmm I could use another one...there is always the bedroom the person that sold me the big foot was nice enough to sell me a small one level condo cheap. So i'm condo out for the time being but maybe around christmas time I can figure out where to put another
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That's a cool one! I want to get one for the computer room and one for the attic. All I need to do is find a money tree so I can start picking some money off of its branches....
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That is soooooo cool! I wish I were in the market.
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This one is on it's way here! Look for my review of it in the coming months.
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MA: I was going to bid on that one! Let me know how it is!
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Is it on ebay? This is coming straight from the manufacturers- I would be interested to seeing this on ebay though?
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Yes, here's the link:

Current price: $20.50 (plus$35 to ship)

How does that compare to what you paid? It is a good deal?
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Well no, considering I am reviewing it so I don't pay for the product. It is all part of the ad package- but I will say that is a good price for it.
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Ahhh! Good for you! And good for your little "reviewers"!
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Oh I have a lot of those running around! LOL
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Wow Mary Anne that's awesome! and I lurve the one you're getting Val!

.. Sam
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Oh, i love those condos... We dont have those here... I bought a small one someone had delivered from the States, and it was very expensive!!! I wish I could buy that corner one... The price isn't that bad (yet...) but the shippment to Israel - for that I would have to take a mortgage!
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Hopefully the price won't go up to high. I thinking about buying one of those enclosed litter benches that are carpet covered. I saw one that would match the new condo and I need more places to hide litter
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